Jammu and Kashmir: Indian Army Patrols in Heavy Snow at Higher Reaches in Poonch (Watch Video)

Indian Army jawans, in severe weather conditions, are patrolling the higher reaches in Poonch district. In the video shared on social media, Indian Army soldiers are seen patrolling at higher altitudes in heavy snow. The region is covered with snow during this time of year due to heavy snowfall. Troops continue to perform their tasks … Read more

Ash from Tonga eruption reaches record altitude but climate cooling unlikely

The volcanic eruption that devastated a small island in Polynesia on Saturday (Jan. 15) injected large amounts of ash to its highest ever height but will not cause any disruption to the Earth’s climate, experts say. Satellites detected the ash cloud, which has already spread across Australia, over 24 miles (39 kilometers) above the Earth’s … Read more

Nuclear fusion reaches renewable energy milestone

It’s hard to think of something more powerful than the sun. The sun in the solar system, and other stars in outer space, are powered by a physical reaction called nuclear fusion. This process occurs when two light nuclei, positive electrical protons and neutral electric neutrons found in the nucleus of an atom, merge and … Read more