With The Holiday Season Here, CA University Cat Rescue Needs Your Help

Let’s talk about nine-year-old Rangoon for a second. This sweet lady has had it rough. She was rescued from a hoarding situation, which tends to be filthy and cramped living. When the homeowner passed away, Rangoon and five other cats were liberated and brought into the care of the Cal Poly Cat Program at California … Read more

Man Plays ‘Hard To Get’ To Help Show His Rescue Llama That Humans Can Be Trustworthy

Since he was a child, Lee Asher dreamed of founding an animal sanctuary. And now that he finally has, he’s had the immense pleasure of befriending all kinds of incredible animals. When a llama named Franky made his way to his sanctuary, Lee tried all kinds of tactics to show him that he was trustworthy. … Read more

Plane Carrying 53 Rescue Dogs Executes Emergency Crash Landing

It’s common for rescue dogs to travel from southern states to the Midwest to increase their chances of adoption, but those large-scale transports are no easy task. Yet, no matter the complications, animal rescuers always work hard to make sure the dogs arrive safely. A plane transporting dogs from Louisiana to Wisconsin had to crash … Read more

Alaska firefighters rescue baby moose trapped in home | Alaska

Firefighters in Alaska got an unusual request for assistance last Sunday, from Alaska wildlife troopers. “They were looking for some help getting a moose out of a basement,” said Capt. Josh Thompson of Central Emergency Services on the Kenai Peninsula. The moose, estimated to be a one-year-old bull, had a misstep while eating breakfast on … Read more

Life-Saving Search And Rescue Dog Frida Passes Away A Hero

Frida, the search and rescue dog, became famous following the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that hit Mexico City in 2017. The earthquake left the city in shambles, with hundreds dead and thousands injured. Frida did not find bodies immediately after this natural disaster, but she went on to have a very successful career. She had lots … Read more

Rescue Dog Tragically Electrocuted After Touching Light Pole

Walking around the neighborhood is a daily routine for most dogs. They can enjoy all the smells and get the exercise they need. Most dogs are safe in their own neighborhoods, but sadly, a Milwaukee man named Erich Gross soon learned that wasn’t always the case. Within seconds, Gross’s rescue dog named Ted was electrocuted … Read more

16-Year-Old Is Rescue Dogs’ Only Hope When Shelter Erupts In Flames

We can be as prepared as possible for an emergency, but there’s no telling how we will react in the moment. 16-year-old Grayson, son of Project Cecil Rescue Ranch’s co-founders, sure did step up and spring into action when a raging electrical fire sparked in their kennel building. Now, he’s being hailed as a hero … Read more

11-Year-Old Creates Life-Changing Wheelchair For His Teacher’s Rescue Dog

Dana Holden’s Dachshund mix named Leonard is a celebrity among her fifth-grade students. She has a picture of the senior rescue dog as her screensaver, and the kids get excited every time they see him. So, Holden scheduled a time for the 9-year-old dog to meet her 11-year-old students. Of course, every kid fell in … Read more

How to reduce the risks if importing rescue dogs from abroad

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When agreeing to adopt a dog from abroad, it can be difficult to know exactly what you are signing up to. With limited communication, limited information available and unknown long-term history, rescuing a dog from abroad really can be a real risk… Below we will discuss how to minimize the risks involved and optimize the chances of a rescue success story!

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