Surfers and anglers combine to rescue osprey caught in fishing line off North Stradbroke Island | Wildlife

Barry Brown wanders out to the headlands of North Stradbroke Island every day with a camera in hand, hoping he’ll capture something special – like a spouting whale or a fur seal resting on a rock. Last week, Brown was in his usual spot near Whale Rock, at the South Gorge walk on the island … Read more

PA Rescue Pairs Senior Cats With Senior Citizens For Purrfect Friendships

Senior cats often go overlooked in rescues and shelters, but one rescue group in the Lehigh Valley of Philadelphia has made sure senior cats are finding happy homes with those who understand them best—senior citizens. The Feline Urban Rehab and Rescue, or FURR for short, aims to improve the lives of all cats. And through … Read more

Lost Rescue Dog Returns Home Proudly Wearing A Dog Show Award

When dogs go missing, they can’t talk to us about their crazy adventures. Many families wish their dogs could tell them stories about their time away, but for one family in West Sussex, England, their dog doesn’t have to. She has someone who can tell her tale for her. Bonnie the Beagle mix went missing … Read more

Elephant and baby saved in dramatic rescue from manhole in Thailand | Thailand

Veterinarians and park staff have pulled off a dramatic rescue of a pair of elephants in Thailand that involved the use of a boom lift, a digger and the resuscitation of an unconscious mother by three people. The rescue took place in the pouring rain in central Nakhon Nayok province on Wednesday when a one-year-old … Read more

Woman Struggles With Troublemaking Rescue Dog Until She Learns He’s Deaf

A lot of rescue dogs are misunderstood, some more often than others. Acorn, the beautiful white Pit Bull, was already having a hard time getting adopted because of his breed. But on top of his appearance, he was also a troublemaker. Both at the shelter and in a foster home, Acorn wouldn’t listen to human … Read more

4,000 Beagles To Go Up For Adoption Following Rescue From “Dog Factory Farm”

Earlier this month, the Humane Society of the United States approached the US Department of Justice, pleading for the lives of 4,000 Beagles imprisoned inside a Virginia breeding facility. This facility is owned and operated by a company named Envigo in Cumberland, Virginia. Comparable to a prison, the innocent dogs housed in this horrible place … Read more

Heroic Community Members Pitch In To Rescue Elderly Bulldog From Sinkhole

An elderly Bulldog found himself in a precarious, potentially life-threatening situation during the early morning hours in a small Iowan town. Fortunately, the swift efforts of an entire community came together to save the old soul, resulting in a classic tale of rescue and a family reunited. Some of Iowa’s finest officials from the Estherville … Read more

Seal of approval? Rescue services warn approaching Australian marine wildlife can be fraught Marine life

If you ever stumble upon a seal pup far from home, best leave it alone and call for help. Humans (and their dogs) can pose a danger to seals, and marine mammals can give humans tuberculosis. Last week a South Australian farmer found a long-nosed fur seal 3km inland, and returned it to the ocean. … Read more

Barely-There Kitten Overcomes Odds & Finds Forever Thanks To Rescue Magic

At four weeks old, kittens typically weigh around thirteen to sixteen ounces and start getting curious about what awaits them outside the nest. But when Henry was a month old, he weighed only a quarter of what he should have and was so weak that he was barely moving. The runt of his litter, he … Read more