Boy rescued from Byron Bay pool with 3-meter python wrapped around legs | New South Wales

A five-year-old boy is recovering after surviving an attack by a giant python in his grandparent’s Byron Bay back yard. Beau Blake was swimming with his brother yesterday afternoon, his father, Ben, told 3AW Breakfast radio, when a 3-metre long python launched out of the nearby garden and latched onto Beau’s ankle. Beau rolled and … Read more

Four Kids Rescued A Dog Cruelly Tied Up With A Bungee Cord

Even if you’re a small person, you can still be a person who makes a difference. Some kind-hearted children from Detroit proved that in 2016. Four brothers, Kenny (13), Kevin (7), Andrew (7), and Kenneth (11), were helping a neighbor move when they made a heartbreaking discovery. They noticed a dog in desperate need of … Read more

Trio whose boat sank in Gulf of Mexico rescued from water after fighting off shark | New Orleans

Luan Nguyen and his two friends hoped to do a little more this weekend than fish and relax. But their boat trip on Saturday into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico near south-east Louisiana became much more dramatic when the vessel sank and Nguyen found himself having to fight off a shark, before the … Read more

275 Desperate Dogs Rescued From Largest SC Dogfighting Operation In History

WARNING: Content may be sensitive for some readers. Just last week, the Humane Society of the United States worked in cooperation with federal agents, local law enforcement, multiple veterinarians, and the non-profit organization Bark Nation to take down what is believed to be the largest suspected dog fighting network in South Carolina history. Federal officials … Read more

Dog Rescued From Puppy Mill Is Introduced To A ‘Friend’ To Signal New Beginning

Meet Ruggles, an adorable Shih-Tzu puppy. He was taken to a new location where the potential of a new life could begin. He was introduced to a new friend to signify this fresh start, and their unlikely friend was also rescued from an unfortunate circumstance. Chompers the kitten was discovered alone under a porch at … Read more

Dog rescued after being thrown off Florida bridge in a bin | Florida

A young dog miraculously survived uninjured after being thrown off a 15ft bridge from a moving car while in a plastic bin. Police from Orange county, Florida, say they received a call from an eyewitness who was walking their dog and saw someone throw the plastic container over the bridge. The resident said that they … Read more

Heartbroken Man Who Was Saved By A Chihuahua Has Rescued Over 30 Tiny Dogs

Bobby Humphreys is a big guy doing big things in rescue – for little dogs! Big Guy Littles World Sanctuary is Bobby’s passion project. He cares for and rehomes tiny Chihuahuas who have had rough beginnings or special needs. But just a few years ago if you had told Bobby that he’d be spending his … Read more

120 Dogs Rescued From South Korean Meat Trade Injured Or Killed In Catastrophic Fire

Jindo Love Rescue in South Korea uses its funds to save dogs from the meat trade and send them to loving homes. Of the 120 dogs in their care, several were preparing to fly to their forever families. However, a sudden burst of flames ruined the dogs’ happy endings. The organization faced a fire at … Read more

Multiple Dogs Rescued From Deadly Pileup In Fort Worth, Texas

Since many of us rely on cars for daily transportation, it’s easy to forget that driving always poses a potential risk. Cars are heavy machinery, and accidents can happen to anyone. Fortunately, fire departments and emergency crews are prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives in the event of a crash. On the … Read more

High on mad honey: intoxicated brown bear cub rescued in Turkey | Animals

A disoriented brown bear cub, believed to have been intoxicated after eating an excessive amount of “mad honey”, has been rescued in northwestern Turkey’s Duzce province on Thursday. Footage showed the bear wobbling and whining as it sat belly-up in the back of a pick-up truck, after people rescued the visibly-debilitated animal from the forest. … Read more