Fed Up Rescuer Writes Open Letter To Person Who Dumped 2 Dogs

It can be exhausting hearing all the stories about abandoned dogs. It sometimes seems like there’s a neverending stream of unloved puppies pouring out into the streets as people just dump them when they don’t want them anymore. But if we’ve learned anything reading all these stories, it’s that for every human who abandons a … Read more

Rescuer Comforts Dying Stray Through The Night So He Won’t Pass Away Alone

At iHeartDogs we love to bring you heartwarming and uplifting stories. However, we also think it is important to tell the sad tales sometimes, too. Devoted animal rescuers like Janine Guido will not have the option to turn away. They cannot simply scroll past the hopeless cases. In honor of Guido and the countless other … Read more

Coyote Brazenly Enters Home Of Beagle Rescuer Through Doggy Door

A woman in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles unknowingly played foster mom to one additional canine this week when a bold coyote scaled her 6-foot privacy fence and entered her home through the doggy door. Julie Levine runs a non-profit called Canine Rescue Connection, which specializes in rehoming Beagles. The coyote was caught … Read more

Dog Was So Abused That She Loudly ‘Shrieks’ In Fear When Rescuer Tries To Touch Her

Monica Mitreanu, a Romanian animal rescuer, has been helping dogs for a long time. However, during one of her most recent rescues, she was shocked to discover Priscilla in an abusive situation. Since she was a puppy, Priscilla had been tortured and beaten repeatedly by her owner. Unfortunately, these awful actions from people take place. … Read more