Marvel Superhero Rescues Pit Bull Puppy With Chain Embedded In Her Neck

Actor and former wrestler Dave Bautista might look tough and intimidating, but he has a soft spot for animals in need. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay shared a story of a 3-month-old Pit Bull named Sage, who had a chain embedded in her neck. Bautista immediately gathered money to use as a reward for … Read more

Florida Man Rescues Terrified Cat From Hurricane Ian’s Catastrophic Storm Surge

Hurricane Ian made landfall near Caya Costa, Florida, as a Category 4 storm packing winds of 150 mph. But just before the eyewall came washing ashore, battering the state’s southern peninsula with torrential rains and destructive winds, Mike Ross and his mom, Mary Beth, spied a lone feline stranded in the raging storm. Perched atop … Read more

Woman Rescues ‘Dying’ Chained Up Dog And Dog Grabs Her Hand To Say ‘Thank-You’

On a deserted road, a woman noticed some dogs chained to a pole on 2-foot chains in the scorching heat. The dogs appeared upset, but she assumed their owner would be close by. It dawned on her that the dogs may have been abandoned later that night, preventing her from sleeping throughout the rest of … Read more

Navy Couple Rescues Two Abused Pups From Certain Death In The Middle East

Two US Navy sailors faced a difficult decision after rescuing two abused and unwanted puppies in the Middle East. They had just brought the dogs into their care to nurse them back to health, but were then told they would deploy to Japan soon after. Leaving their new family members behind just wasn’t an option. … Read more

Ewing Police Detective Rescues Petrified Pup Trapped In A Blazing House Fire

Every once in a while, a hero comes along whose bravery and selflessness are simply unmatched. And when that hero involves themselves in the welfare of animals, an entire society of pet-lovers worldwide gathers to rally. One such hero is Detective Julia Caldwell of the Ewing, NJ, police department. Caldwell made headlines earlier this month … Read more

Poland Animal Shelter Rescues Traumatized Ukraine Dogs & Hires Refugees

Aaron Jackson has made a huge difference in the world thanks to his organization called Planting Peace. Some of the incredible work they do involves protecting rainforests, planting trees, and encouraging equality. Ever since Russia first invaded Ukraine, the organization has expanded to help there as well. So, Jackson traveled from Florida to Poland to … Read more