BSAVA PetSavers offers increased research funding scheme

Applications are now open for the latest round of the BSAVA PetSavers Research Fellowship funding program, with more money now being made available to veterinary researchers. The scheme, which is intended to support academics in the early stages of their research careers, is making £70,000 of funding available. Criteria Grants can be used over a … Read more

RVC research reveals owners’ awareness of pet ferret boredom

Most owners believe ferrets experience boredom – but those doubting the animals’ ability to be bored were less likely to provide the right environmental stimulation, RVC researchers have found. Research by the college has revealed the extent pet ferret owners are aware of, and understand, ferret boredom. While 93% believe the species can experience boredom … Read more

Canine research awards scheme opens

One of the world’s largest international awards for veterinary canine research is open to nominations from vets, students and scientists. The International Canine Health Awards 2023 are organized by The Kennel Club Charitable Trust, and underwritten by a major gift from the Vernon and Shirley Hill Foundation, and have inspired scientific innovation in canine health … Read more

Bats are the death metal singers of the animal world, research shows Science

It has long been known Ozzy Osbourne has a taste for bats. But now it seems the mammals are also his fans. Bats greet each other with death metal growls, scientists have discovered, and possess a vocal range which far surpasses that of most humans. While they emit ultrasonic chirps to echolocate flying insects in … Read more

Deadline looms for MSD research bursaries

Applications for the 2022 MSD Animal Health Veterinary Surgeon Research Bursaries will close by the end of November. There are three bursaries to be awarded to practicing veterinary surgeons within the UK, consisting of two ruminant and one companion animal. Each bursary is worth up to £4,000 for research into specific diseases or subject areas. … Read more

Animals bred in captivity develop physical changes that may hinder survival in the wild, research finds Australia news

Animals bred in captivity experience significant physical and behavioral changes that may disadvantage their survival chances once released into the wild, a wide-ranging research review has found. Analysis from the Australian National University shows “captive environments drastically alter selection pressures on animals”, with documented differences in many species. The ANU’s Dr Dejan Stojanovic, a study … Read more

Veterinary research identifies changing epidemiology of congenital toxoplasmosis

RVC scientists have warned against complacency despite new research indicating a long-term decline in levels of exposure to the parasite that causes congenital toxoplasmosis (CT) among pregnant women. The study, published in Trends in Parasitologyalso argues more research is needed into the condition in low and middle-income nations, together with new diagnostic methods to understand … Read more

Vet nurses invited to discuss new research which shows they could make life easier for themselves – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Provet has published the results of new research which shows vet nurses could make their lives easier with better adoption of digital technology and is inviting everyone to come and discuss the report at a free Zoom meeting hosted by and on Thursday 10th November at 7:00pm For its research, the company surveyed … Read more

Communi-cat-ive: cats attentive to owner’s voice, research finds | Cats

Any cat owner knows that the correct way to get their pet’s attention is to sing “here, kitty kitty”, rather than utter a flat “come here cat”. Now research suggests cats may routinely tune into their owner’s tone of voice to detect when they are talking to them, rather than to other humans. Most people … Read more

Equine students to present research at awards day

Four students have been given the chance of scooping a major national research award. The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) has announced the finalists for its Equine Thesis of the Year award, whose winner will be decided later this month. The competition is open to universities and colleges across the UK and Ireland that are … Read more