Researchers sound bacteria warning over raw meat diet

The feeding of raw meat to dogs poses “a significant zoonotic threat” because of the potential for spreading antibiotic resistant forms of Escherichia colia new study has suggested. Scientists at the University of Bristol said they hope their research will help raise wider public awareness of the risks associated with the dietary program. In response, … Read more

Monkeys favor music over screen time, say researchers | Wildlife

Monkeys given their own “primate-focused” versions of Spotify and Netflix were more likely to choose audio stimuli over screen time, a study has found. Researchers at the University of Glasgow and Aalto University in Finland set out to explore how a group of three white-faced saki monkeys at the Korkeasaari zoo in Helsinki would respond … Read more

Researchers make Johne’s disease DIVA test breakthrough

Researchers have made progress in efforts to find a test that can tell vaccinated animals from those with Johne’s disease. Up to now, Johne’s vaccination programs for livestock have been hampered because no diagnostic can differentiate vaccinated from infected animals – in other words, it has no DIVA test. Most existing Johne’s tests rely on … Read more

Secrets of California’s skydiving salamanders revealed by researchers | Amphibians

A new study is shedding fresh light into the incredible world of California’s temperate forests, and the daring survival techniques of one of its inhabitants: parachuting salamanders. The study, published on Monday in the journal Current Biology, shows how salamanders living in the canopy, are able to parachute consistently, slowing their speed and controlling their … Read more

Researchers seek autistic vets for survey on stressors

Autistic vets are being invited to take part in a survey investigating workplace stressors and reasonable adjustments. The survey, part of a study funded by the RCVS Mind Matters Initiative Sarah Brown Mental Health Research Grant, is open to all people, regardless of formal diagnosis or self-diagnosis and comorbidities. It is hoped results from the … Read more