Hopelessly Romantic Golden Retriever Falls In Love With The Girl Next Door

When a Golden Retriever and a Rhodesian Ridgeback in neighboring houses fell in love, not even a fence could keep them apart. The pair of pups visited each other every single day, and even shared and exchanged toys across the divide. So after this went on for a while, their families finally decided to arrange … Read more

Golden Retriever Refuses To Let His Human Pet Another Dog

It’s no secret that most dogs love attention. Of all the humans in the world, they usually love their human’s affection above anyone else’s. So, when they see another dog trying to steal their person’s attention away from them, they need to act fast! One Golden Retriever named Bailey is extra passionate about making sure … Read more

Couple Refuses To Give Up On Golden Retriever Born With Backward Legs

At only six weeks old, Rexi’s owners were baffled when they noticed that their Golden Retriever puppy wouldn’t use her legs to walk like the other puppies. Upon further inspection, they realized that Rexi’s legs had actually started growing backwards. Source and Image Screenshot: Inside Edition via YouTube Her pet parents never gave up on … Read more

Golden Retriever Puppy Completely ‘Loses-It’ When He Meets A Baby Goat

Love, at first sight, is a real thing–as the video below of a Golden Retriever puppy and newborn goat illustrates. It seems as if some things are just meant to be when two individuals become friends after meeting each other. Image/Story Source Credit: King 5 via Facebook Video This dynamic pair has always been the … Read more

Golden Retriever Plays The Wind Chimes Every-Day And ‘Sings Along’ To Them

Bleu is a lovely golden retriever who loves to sing. She discovered her love for music as a young pup after her mother Ana Brown hung up a set of wind chimes in the yard. When she heard the peaceful sound of the wind chimes, she was entranced. Image/Story Source Credit: Bleu the Golden Retriever … Read more

Retired NHL Star Kevin Stevens Teams Up With Gorgeous Golden Retriever And An Experienced Medical Doctor To Help People Overcome Addiction

What will you get when you combine a hockey legend, a doctor, and a dog? Well, the makings of a new recovery program, of course. Through his non-profit, Kevin Stevens has been making a difference in the lives of people in recovery since 2018. But now that he’s combined the experience of an addiction doctor … Read more

Obese Retriever Loses Half His Weight In Inspirational Health Journey

A dog can become overweight for a variety of reasons. It could be that they only have access to poor nutrition, are given too many treats and “people foods,” or have an underlying medical condition. Whatever the reason, obesity can be harmful to a dog’s health just like it can a human’s. In February of … Read more

Is Your Golden Retriever a Picky Eater? Try This Simple Hack.

Golden Retrievers are so incredibly varied in their personalities. While some scarf down any food scrap in sight, others have a more picky (or shall we say, “refined”) palate, and quickly tire of their everyday dog ​​food. What can be done when your golden retriever decides to stop eating their food, or is no longer … Read more