Golden Retriever Who’s Always Loved Puppies Finally Gets One Of His Own

Pork is a delightful Golden Retriever, and Pork certainly lives up to its reputation. But there was always something lacking. Pork adores other pooches and longed for a brother or sister of his own. Image / Story Source Credit: YouTube Video The new puppy, Teddy Sugar, was brought home by its owners, and they made … Read more

Vets save Labrador retriever with eight-hour intestinal surgery

Vets undertook an eight-hour operation to save the life of a Labrador retriever suffering from a ruptured intestine and septic peritonitis. Harlyn, 10, was rushed to Maven Vets in North Cheam, London Borough of Sutton, where Tom Bacon led the eight-hour life-saving operation. He said the full extent of Harlyn’s problems – which included a … Read more

Golden Retriever Loses His Mind When He Opens Adorable Amazon Package

Getting a package in the mail is always exciting. No matter how thrilling or uneventful the items are, deliveries always feel like Christmas presents to yourself. However, a Golden Retriever’s first Amazon package put everyone else’s deliveries to shame. Walker the Goldie received a package from his humans. He knew it smelled interesting right away, … Read more

74-Year-Old Jumps On Top Of Alligator To Save Golden Retriever

Suzan Marciano, 74, did not have time to think when she saw an alligator approaching her Golden Retriever mix. They had walked at that Florida park hundreds of times with no issues, but this day was different. As the alligator grabbed the dog named Nalu, Marciano jumped forward to push the alligator away from the … Read more

Golden Retriever Basically Treats Vet’s Office As If It’s The ‘Playground’

The experience of visiting the veterinarian, whether for a dog or for another animal, is never one to look forward to. Nobody wants to be poked and prodded while waiting for potentially devastating news, but it must be done for our own health’s sake. While most dogs try to avoid going to the doctor’s office … Read more

Golden Retriever ‘Plays’ Wind Chimes Every-Day And ‘Sings Along’ To Them

Bleu is a lovely golden retriever with an uncommon hobby; Bleu loves to sing. The musical girl discovered her love for musical arts as a youngster, after her mother Ana Brown hung up a set of wind chimes in the yard. When Sweet Little Baby Girl heard the peaceful sound of the wind chimes, she … Read more