Woman Tries To Return Deceased Dog’s Food, But Receives Surprise Instead

When rescue dog Gus passed away unexpectedly, his mom Anna Brose was left with an empty heart and a full bag of dog food. Many people shared their condolences with Brose and her husband, but nothing seemed to cheer her up. Despite her sorrows, Brose knew she had to do something about the unopened bag … Read more

Thief Sends Threatening Video Of Stolen Yorkie In Cage But Refuses To Return Him

Avery the Yorkie has lived with Raquel Witherspoon for three years. Witherspoon said the dog is like a son to her 12-year-old daughter, so she’s a proud canine grandmother. However, she never expected her family to be the next victim of the rising dog thefts. Witherspoon said that Avery does not normally go outside alone, … Read more

In-person return for soft tissue association’s autumn meeting

The Association of Veterinary Soft Tissue Surgeons (AVSTS) is returning to in-person CPD from the autumn after a gap caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The association’s annual meeting, on 4 to 5 November, will take place at The Queens Hotel, Leeds and feature a range of subjects under the banner of “Advances in head and … Read more

Let’s Vet Together for September return

Colin Whiting (front) with delegates. Students and veterinary professionals of all ages – and their families – came together for a weekend of fun for the “Let Vet Together” event. Promoted through Facebook student support and virtual EMS group VetWings, the festival was held across three days on the platinum jubilee weekend and attracted 120 … Read more

Big turnout for the return of VET Festival

VET Festival made an impressive return after a two-year absence, with more than 2,000 people attending the event at Loseley Park near Guildford. Held over two days from 20 to 21 May, the event featured two days of CPD combined with well-being activities, including music, yoga, face painting and the VETFest party night. Wide range … Read more

Family Begs For Rescue Dog’s Return After Fatal Tesla Crash

Dogs can sometimes sense things that humans can not, but can they predict the future too? It does not seem likely until you hear Milo’s story. The Bluetick Hound-Shepherd mix began acting unusual a month before a horrible incident occurred. He kept pacing in circles around his mom, Jenna Monet. Milo did not want to … Read more

Green light for return of red-footed tortoises to Argentina | Argentina

Thet may be one of the slowest-moving conservation projects in history, not just because of the red tape, but due to the animals themselves: 40 red-footed tortoises are being released into El Impenetrable national park in Argentina in the coming weeks after being rescued from the illegal pet trade in Paraguay and transported to Argentina. … Read more