Man Returned His Dog To The Shelter For Being “Too Affectionate”

A guy took his dog to the shelter because she was too “affectionate”And that she“always wants to be by my side.A bystander photographed Jubilee after hearing the conversation, but it would change her life dramatically. To be honest, there were a few additional factors behind bringing her back; the owner claimed his couch, baseboard, and … Read more

Beloved Family Dog, Winnie, Returned To The Ford-Wilcox Home After Dog-Napping Scare

Last week, actress Clementine Ford-Wilcox went through what could be considered the most traumatic and scary event that a pet owner could experience. Ford’s beloved dog, Winnie, was reported stolen by her dog sitter. Ford hired a pet sitter through the well-known company The chosen sitter had been verified and credentialed through Rover and … Read more

Previous Owner’s Heartbreaking Letter Reveals Adopted Dog’s Secret Before He’s Returned To Shelter

We often thank those in our military for their service, but how often do we thank them for their sacrifice? This story has been passed around the internet for years – it’s a touching reminder of the hearts that are broken and sometimes never mended when our servicepeople have to leave their loved ones behind. … Read more