LVS reveals its sector’s first 30 Under Thirty

An initiative dedicated to fostering talent in the veterinary industry has today (September 23) unveiled its first alumni. The Vet Show 30 Under Thirty initiative, founded by the London Vet Show in partnership with Pioneer Veterinary Products, was set up to create and elevate tomorrow’s veterinary leaders by giving them a chance to attend networking … Read more

Not so happy bunnies: research reveals tear duct inflammation risk

Rabbit breeds at most risk of developing dacryocystitis have been revealed in a study by the RVC. Lionheads, mini lops, lops and dwarf lop rabbits are the most susceptible breeds to the inflammatory condition of the tear ducts. The research – a retrospective study released to mark International Rabbit Day tomorrow (September 24) – also … Read more

Study reveals the real risks of anesthesia in dogs – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

A new VetCompass study, led by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) and the University of Manchester, has quantified the real risk of anesthesia in dogs. The paper, ‘Mortality Related to General Anesthesia and Sedation in Dogs under UK Primary Veterinary Care’, published in Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia1used data from more than 150,000 dogs attending first … Read more

UK has more than 1,000 livestock mega-farms, investigation reveals | Animal welfare

There are more than 1,000 US-style mega-farms in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, including some holding as many as a million animals, according to a new investigation. In the US, mega-farms are defined as those that hold more than 125,000 birds reared for meat, or 82,000 egg-laying hens, 2,500 pigs, 700 dairy cows or 1,000 … Read more

BEVA Congress reveals recruitment and retention survey results

Results of a survey on recruitment and retention will be revealed at this year’s 60th staging of BEVA Congress. The association has carried out a survey on the issues, while the current situation has also been a major focus for president Huw Griffiths during his year at the helm. He said: “Vets are under increasing … Read more

Cat Skips Meals For 3 Days, But A Trip To Vet Reveals Sneaky Snacking

Ever been duped by a cat? If you’ve had the privilege of living with a feline, your answer is most likely a resounding yes. Cats are pretty good at pulling one over on their minions. Just ask Reddit user u/Mysticstorms, and they’ll tell you how their cat trolled them. The situation involved a self appointment … Read more

Jennifer Lopez Reveals How Ben Affleck & Her Kid Teamed Up To Get Their Cat

Remember when we introduced you to Jennifer Lopez’s new kitten Hendrix in December 2021? Of course, you do! Who could forget a Devon Rex kitten so cute! Now, we’ve got a little more info about how the Hendrix came to join the family thanks to a Father’s Day tribute to fiancé Ben Affleck emailed to … Read more

Largest study reveals most common disorders in UK hamsters

The largest study of its kind has revealed the 20 most common disorders in hamsters, most prominent causes of death and the average lifespan as 1.75 years. Findings for one of the world’s most popular small pets are the latest to be revealed under the RVC’s VetCompass project, and aim to help owners better understand … Read more

Study reveals most common disorders of pet hamsters – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

The RVC has published new research which has revealed the 20 most common disorders and the typical lifespan of pet hamsters. The study1the largest in the world to date, investigated anonymised veterinary clinical records of a random sample of almost 4,000 hamsters. The three most common hamster species were Syrian (golden) hamster (73.5%), Djungarian (winter … Read more

RCVS councillor’s resignation reveals continued lack of transparency at the College – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Colin Whiting MRCVS has resigned his position on the RCVS Council after the College approved a new ‘How we work’ statement requiring Council members to publicly support all decisions taken by Council, even if they disagreed. In his first year of what would normally have been a four-year term, Colin served on the College’s Education … Read more