Frankie Thompson review – all the feline feels with a magnetic performer | Edinburgh festival 2022

The stage is set with a treadmill, yoga mat, step-up box and a big silver exercise ball for Frankie Thompson’s Cats. A suitable assortment for a richly physical show. As Thompson enters, there are hints of the feline: a T-shirt adorned with threads of wool, a hair-do reminiscent of little cat ears. A spotlight flashes … Read more

Earth: Muted review – bees go missing in China despatch from the eco-apocalypse file | Documentary films

This Swedish-produced documentary about China’s Hanyuan valley is nominally another dispatch from the eco-apocalypse file, so the final harmonious impression it leaves behind suggests it hasn’t done its job properly. Located in Sichuan province, the valley is a place where bees are on the verge of extinction, the consequences of which we see in the … Read more

The Reef: Stalked review – water-phobic kayaker battles shark chomping | Movies

Ddirector Andrew Traucki’s sequel to his own 2010 feature The Reef features a whole new cast of Australian characters battling a hefty shark near the Great Barrier Reef, but it’s essentially the same idea. Only this time round, the almost entirely female cast features two sisters and two of their friends on a kayaking excursion … Read more

RCVS launches final stage of Under Care Review – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

The RCVS has begun the final stage of its review of the definition of ‘under care’ and the provision of 24/7 emergency cover, and is now consulting veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, students and the wider veterinary team on its proposed new guidance. The review started with a series of focus groups among veterinary professionals across … Read more

Stray review – press paws for adorable life as a post-apocalypse pussycat | Games

The have walked around decaying cyberpunk cities such as these many times before, with their omnipresent neon signage and filthy streets, their grimy verticality. Usually I am expected to shoot someone. But this time, I’m slinking around the fluorescent-lit slums of the future as a skinny wee ginger cat, scaling rusty pipes, squeezing through barely-open … Read more

MP praises ‘important’ whip review, but urges horse racing to go further

Vet and MP Neil Hudson has said more should be done to limit whip usage in British horse racing, despite a review proposing new rules and tougher penalties. Dr Hudson, who represents Penrith and The Border, was part of a 15-member steering group that has now published its long-awaited report on the issue. Twenty separate … Read more

Forget Me Not by Sophie Pavelle review – a fan letter to Britain’s unsung species | Science and nature books

Sophie Pavelle has been busy. A science writer, presenter, maker of podcasts, ambassador for the Wildlife Trust and adviser to the RSPB, she’s also spent much of the last two years roving from Cornwall to Orkney in search of 10 species whose fortunes have been affected by human-induced climate change. More impressive still, she’s done … Read more

An Immense World by Ed Yong review – the astonishing ways in which animals experience our planet | Science and nature books

Scallops have eyes. Not just two eyes, like humans have, or eight, like most spiders do, but up to 200 of them, each clasped by a thin, wavy tentacle protruding from the inner edges of the corrugated shell. Considering how rudimentary a scallop’s brain is, these eyes are surprisingly sophisticated. Play a scallop a video … Read more

Shark Bait review – human chum bucket jeopardy thriller sinks without trace | Movies

“Tyler, no! You took a bang to the head! ” “That might be a problem if there was something inside of there!” So goes an almighty self-own when one of five spring-breakers trapped on a jetski in shark-infested waters decides to swim for help in this depressingly unimaginative thriller. The party posse-cum-human chum bucket in … Read more

Luzzu review – beautifully observed study of fisher-folk trying to stay afloat | Movies

orwash in blues and yellows, the colors of the traditional Maltese fishing boat known as a luzzu, Alex Camilleri’s debut is nothing short of a future neorealist classic. Enveloped in the gentle rippling of the cerulean waves, the evocative soundscape conjures up a vision of seaside idyll. But for the hard-working fishermen, rough winds seem … Read more