Country diary: Dawn light gilds the fells as a lone ring ouzel sings | Birds

ort 4.40am, groggy after a wind-battered night, I unzip my tent door. To my delight and dismay, the scene is worth getting out of bed for: delicate dawn light gilds the fells, lights up the flanks of Great Gable and blurs the hills around Derwentwater into a wistful, honey-colored haze. I watch the dawn unfold … Read more

Dog Escapes Pet Hotel And Travels 2 Miles To Ring His Own Doorbell

Choosing a safe place for your dog to stay while you’re on vacation is crucial. However, even the most secure facilities can not hold back some determined dogs. As soon as Jeremy and Sarah Henson left their dog, Dexter, at a Kansas pet hotel in February, the pup began planning his escape. After Jeremy and … Read more

Nearly 90 Dogs Rescued From Vicious Interstate Dog Fighting Ring

The largest-ever dog fighting ring in Suffolk County, Long Island history has been busted this week – and now nearly 90 dogs will hopefully be going on to find the loving homes they deserve. The interstate operation spanned throughout Long Island, New York City, Connecticut, and Massachusetts and involved 89 dogs. Detectives infiltrated the ring … Read more

The Search Is On For The Person Caught Abusing Dog On Ring Doorbell Camera

Horrific abuse was recently captured on a Ring doorbell camera in the early hours of the morning. As the abuser walked their dog along the sidewalk, they soon began to slam the dog on the ground and drag them along the pavement. Investigators in the Southeast Washington DC area are searching for the person responsible … Read more

RIP Frodo, The Last Surviving Dog Rescued From Michael Vick’s Dogfighting Ring

In 2007, authorities rescued 51 Pit Bulls from a Virginia compound belonging to Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. These dogs endured horrible torture. They were electrocuted, beaten, hanged, drowned, and forced to fight. Sadly, three of the dogs did not survive, but 48 brave Pitties did. These frightened, formerly abused dogs were given love and … Read more