Vets must share the blame for the rise of fertility clinics

The veterinary profession must “take responsibility” for the part it has played in the huge rise in the number of canine fertility clinics across the UK. According to former BVA president Daniella Dos Santos, years of negative messaging about brachycephalic dogs, coupled with a degree of “snobbery”, has forced many breeders to turn their backs … Read more

Canine eye case rise prompts warning

The head of ophthalmology at a referral center said his team has seen a significant rise in cases of dogs with diabetes being referred too late to save their sight. James Oliver, head of the ophthalmology team at Dick White Referrals (DWR) in Cambridgeshire, called for better education on the need to urgently refer dogs … Read more

Highland hounds take on Scotland’s Munros as mountain hikes rise in popularity | Scotland

Betty, a six-year-old kerry blue terrier, celebrated reaching the summit of her 282nd and final Munro – Am Basteir on Skye – with a hard-boiled egg. Her owner, Shona Marshall, toasted her dog’s entry into the rarefied class of canine completers – only 15 are registered with the Munro Society – with a mini bottle … Read more

Shoes made from grapes and mushroom handbags: the rise of animal-free leather | Fashion

Would you ever wear shoes made from “grape leather”? Or gloves in “cactus leather”? What about a “kombucha leather” jacket and a “mushroom leather” bag? With the drive towards more sustainable fashion, the burgeoning world of animal-free “alt leathers” is becoming increasingly mainstream. This week saw the launch of new sustainable trainer brand Lerins, from … Read more

Using geoengineering to slow global heating risks malaria rise, say scientists | Malaria

Geoengineering to prevent the worst impacts of climate breakdown could expose up to a billion more people to malaria, scientists have found. The report, published in Nature Communications, is the first assessment of how geoengineering the climate could affect the burden of infectious diseases. Geoengineering includes removing carbon dioxide from the sky so the atmosphere … Read more

Funnel web spider sightings on the rise in NSW homes amid wet weather | Wildlife

In the 30 years Tommy Horozakis has owned his pest control business, he struggles to recall another time like now. “I’ve been inundated by calls about rodents, spiders, cockroaches, mozzies. It’s crazy, “said Horozakis, who runs Sydney’s The Pest Control Company. “Everything is looking for shelter from the wet weather, and unfortunately our homes could … Read more