Not so happy bunnies: research reveals tear duct inflammation risk

Rabbit breeds at most risk of developing dacryocystitis have been revealed in a study by the RVC. Lionheads, mini lops, lops and dwarf lop rabbits are the most susceptible breeds to the inflammatory condition of the tear ducts. The research – a retrospective study released to mark International Rabbit Day tomorrow (September 24) – also … Read more

Dogs’ risk of canine dementia rises by more than 50% each year, study finds Dogs

If you can’t teach your old dog new tricks, it could be an ominous sign. Researchers have found the odds of a canine having doggy dementia rises by more than 50% with each year of age. While dementia is a well-known condition in humans, dogs can experience a similar decline in cognitive function, with symptoms … Read more

Calls to cut bTB badger culling as species at ‘extinction risk’

Badgers could be pushed into extinction in some areas of England if a new round of culling, intended to reduce the spread of bTB, goes ahead, welfare groups have said. Representatives of six leading organizations have called for an immediate suspension of the program, arguing that the current drought and recent heatwaves have created “desperate” … Read more

Did Humans Put This Drowning Puppy At Risk For The Sake Of A Viral Video?

“We don’t deserve dogs” isn’t just something humans say; fellow dogs might be thinking it too. One puppy named Soh was especially grateful when his canine brother named Hand saved him from drowning. Video footage shows Soh struggling to pull himself out of a fish pond while Hand runs over to save the day. It’s … Read more

No change to risk after the first case of human-to-pet monkeypox transmission

Scientists in France say they have found what they believe could be the first incident of monkeypox being transmitted from an infected person to their pet dog. The case has been reported in The Lancet medical journal and the researchers said it should prompt wider debate on how pets could be protected when their owners … Read more

Freya the walrus: Norway officials warn of euthanasia risk if crowds don’t stay away | Animals

Norwegian authorities say they are considering putting down a walrus that won hearts basking in the sun of the Oslo fjord, because of the danger to the public and itself from sightseers. Despite repeated appeals to the public to keep their distance from the walrus – a young female weighing 600kg (1,300 pounds) that has … Read more

Intruder who broke into monkey enclosure in Tasmania at risk of ‘potentially fatal’ herpes | Tasmania

Authorities are urging an intruder who broke into a monkey enclosure in Tasmania to seek medical attention as they may have been exposed to a “potentially fatal” herpes virus. The enclosure, which houses macaque monkeys, was broken into on Tuesday night with the intruder causing damage to the electric fence before stealing coins from a … Read more

Ukrainian Sisters Face Russian Risk To Evacuate & Care For Cats In Need

Since February 24th, Ukraine has been under Russian attack. Half a year later, Ukrainian citizens have time and again proved their tenacity and strength of will. Even as Russian cruelty threatens their lives, they continue to endure. Among them are heroes fighting to help innocent animals. Sisters Evgeniya and Olga Drach are two brave animal … Read more

‘Embrace’ remote prescribing or sector at ‘risk’

Vets must be trusted to use their judgment to deliver the most appropriate care for animals, owners and themselves, a telemedicine company has warned. Vet-Al, which offers virtual services through the Joii Pet Care app, has backed reforms that would relax the current rules on remote prescribing. The comments came as the company claimed a … Read more

Study shows flat-faced breeds have up to 49 times higher risk of skin fold dermatitis

Some of the most popular dog breeds have the highest risk of developing a painful skin condition, a new RVC report has said. The latest VetCompass research program suggests flat-faced breeds such as the English bulldog are up to 49 times more likely to develop skin fold dermatitis than cross-breeds. Scientists said the findings place … Read more