Extreme breeding of ‘cute’ English bulldogs risks UK ban, say vets | Dogs

English bulldogs must be bred with less extreme features to improve their health and to prevent breeding from being banned in the UK on welfare grounds, veterinarians have said. A study by the Royal Veterinary College found that distinctive features of English bulldogs such as their flat faces, protruding lower jaws and folds of skin … Read more

Webinar to cover raw food risks and benefits

Raw feeding will be the focus when Horiba UK hosts the next free CPD webinar in its series on 7 July. “Raw feeding part II – bacteriological risks and benefits in companion animals” is being hosted from 7:30 pm, with vet Conor O’Halloran providing an outline of the presentation before a Q&A session. Inform decisions … Read more

Free webinar to explain the bacterial risks of raw feeding in companion animals – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Horiba is hosting a free CPD webinar for veterinary nurses, where Dr Conor O’Halloran BVSc MSc PhD MRCVS will explain the bacteriological risks and benefits of feeding a raw diet to companion animals, on Thursday 7th July 2022 at 7.30pm. Feeding companion animals with unprocessed products has become increasingly popular, and whilst ready-prepared raw pet … Read more

Pug health risks mean it can no longer be considered ‘typical dog’

Pugs are almost twice as likely to suffer one or more disorders a year compared to other dogs – and the breed should no longer be considered a “typical dog”. Research carried out by the RVC reveals that the health of the brachycephalic breed in the UK is substantially different and largely worse than non-pug … Read more

Dog Trainer Risks Everything To Fly 35 Military Dogs Out Of Ukraine

Chris Jimenez is a dog trainer based in San Diego, California, but he had 35 German Shepherds located in Kyiv. The dogs were trained to assist military and law enforcement, but when the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, the dogs were trapped in their kennels. Jimenez realized that the dogs would not survive long on … Read more

Peripheral IV catheter-related risks in small animal patients

Peripheral IV catheters (PIVCs) are placed in many, if not most, veterinary practices on a daily basis. Therefore, PIVC placement and management is likely to be one of the most frequently performed clinical procedures in veterinary medicine. Several studies and reviews describing PIVC complications in cats and dogs exist; however, large multicenter studies lack robust … Read more

Ukrainian Woman Risks Her Life To Protect Over 700 Animals, Including A Lion!

Many people abandoned animals while fleeing Ukraine, but some heroes stayed behind to support the pets in need. Asya Serpinska, 77, walked towards the Russian conflict instead of running away. She was willing to put herself in danger because her animal shelter in Hostomel, a town above Kyiv, needed her. Serpinska had about 600 dogs … Read more