Fish passes give endangered twaite shad a chance to swim up the Severn River and spawn fold

For nearly two centuries, one of Britain’s rarest fish has been shut out of its spawning grounds by large weirs. But the endangered twaite shad has now returned to its historic spawning habitat on the River Severn, thanks to four new fish passes which enable the migratory fish to negotiate weirs and swim up the … Read more

Murray crayfish in NSW ‘walk out of the river’ as flooding sucks oxygen from water | Flooding

A rescue operation is underway to save the freshwater crayfish affected by poor water quality following significant flooding along the Murray River. Murray crayfish and other aquatic animals are in danger of suffocating as dissolved oxygen levels plummet in the southern Riverina region of New South Wales. While some rivers along flood-affected communities begin to … Read more

Farmed animals: fast-growing chickens, river pollution and VR for cows | Animal welfare

News from around the world Calls are growing for an year EU Ban on the live export of farm animals after a botched shipment of calves from France them Algeria. The young bulls were destined for slaughter but unloading was refused because of incorrect health certificates. The bureaucratic spat lasted three weeks, leaving the bulls … Read more

Beluga whale that strayed into River Seine dies during rescue operation | Whales

A beluga whale that strayed into the River Seine has been euthanized after it developed breathing difficulties while being transferred by road to the coast, the local French authority has said. “Despite an unprecedented rescue operation for the beluga, we are sad to announce the death of the cetacean,” the prefect of the Calvados department … Read more

Crying Kitten Saved From Pipe After Steep Fall Into River Breaks Her Leg

Hope for Paws is always there for kittens in need. Whether it’s backyards, storm drains, or even the desert, these dedicated rescuers know no bounds when it comes to getting the littlest felines out of trouble. And founder Eldad has battled roaches, garbage, nasty sewage, and even the darkness of caverns to ensure kittens, cats, … Read more

Poacher who took £60k of salmon and trout from Welsh river walks free | Rivers

The ringleader of a fish-poaching operation that caused “staggering damage” to salmon and sea trout populations in a Welsh river has walked free from court after a judge expressed regret that he did not have the power to imprison him. Bricklayer Emlyn Rees, 35, from the village of Cenarth in Carmarthenshire, headed an operation that … Read more