While All The Other Dogs Played, The Neglected Husky Sat ‘Frozen With Fear’ In A Corner

When Harbin SHS rescue workers arrived at a property in Harbin, China, they discovered more than 2,000 dogs. One of the canines, though, stood out for the saddest of reasons. While the others were playing, this particular dog was frozen in the corner terrified and lonely. Image / Story Source Credit: Little Paws via YouTube … Read more

Wooden Box Sat At Airport For Week, They Pry It Open And Unveil Something ‘Wicked’

An airport pickup box with numerous unfinished holes came without proper labeling. The workplace employees ignored the box and carried on with their tasks. Because it did not have the correct tags, it would be stowed among other items in the same condition. The container was roughly 16 inches tall and only said that it … Read more

Soldier’s Homecoming Ruined When Dog Runs Away, She Sat Down And Said His Name

This story demonstrates that dogs never forget. Even after their favorite person has passed away in their minds, they continue to wait anxiously for our arrival. But what happens when their humans do not return? How long do they have to eventually walk away from the front door, sit down, and accept what no dog … Read more