Crow brainpower study saved from Brexit cuts after appeal raises £500,000 | Research funding

Nicola Clayton’s cognitive research work is set to soar again. The Cambridge scientist’s center for studying the minds of crows, rooks and jays has been saved after the Observer revealed funding cuts were threatening it with closure. A public appeal has since raised more than £500,000, while Cambridge University has also stepped in to boost … Read more

Witness The Heartfelt Moment When An Abandoned Dog Realizes She’s Saved

Judy Obregon, the founder of The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue, knows that she cannot save every dog ​​in Fort Worth, but as she told The Dallas Morning News“trying won’t hurt.” What does hurt is her heart every time she discovers yet another abandoned, abused, neglected or forgotten animal like the sweet little pup in the … Read more

Crying Kitten Saved From Pipe After Steep Fall Into River Breaks Her Leg

Hope for Paws is always there for kittens in need. Whether it’s backyards, storm drains, or even the desert, these dedicated rescuers know no bounds when it comes to getting the littlest felines out of trouble. And founder Eldad has battled roaches, garbage, nasty sewage, and even the darkness of caverns to ensure kittens, cats, … Read more

20 Dogs From Overseas Enjoy Long-Overdue Reunions With The Soldiers Who Saved Them

Sometimes, when service members spend time overseas, they have the fortune of befriending animals they encounter during the course of their mission. Only, it isn’t very easy to bring their four-legged friends back home to the United States with them. That’s what inspires the International SPCA to work as hard as they can to help … Read more

Military Dog Flown Across The World To Retire With Handler Who Saved Him

The bond that forms between a working military dog ​​and their handler is unlike any other. That’s why it can be so difficult for both the dog and their human partner when they have to part ways after working together. While serving in South Korea, Senior Airman Jenna Canada worked with a German Shepherd named … Read more

Elephant and baby saved in dramatic rescue from manhole in Thailand | Thailand

Veterinarians and park staff have pulled off a dramatic rescue of a pair of elephants in Thailand that involved the use of a boom lift, a digger and the resuscitation of an unconscious mother by three people. The rescue took place in the pouring rain in central Nakhon Nayok province on Wednesday when a one-year-old … Read more

30 Cats & Kittens Trapped In Filthy, Abandoned House Saved By Iowa Rescue

More than two dozen cats and kittens have been rescued from deplorable conditions inside an abandoned Pocahontas County, Iowa residence. And thanks to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, these felines will now get their chance at happy lives. When authorities discovered the thirty felines abandoned by their owner and trapped inside the dwelling, they … Read more

Dog Left For Dead Leaps Into The Arms Of The Man Who Saved Him

You would be hard-pressed to catch anyone leaving Super Bowl LI early. Last February’s football matchup was an eyes-glued-to-the-TV kind of game: The New England Patriots were making an unprecedented last-minute comeback. And Mike Diesel was as big a fan as anyone. “It was the fourth quarter,” he tells iHeartDogs. “And Brady had just made … Read more

Sweetest Senior Golden Saved From Dog Meat Festival

Ahead of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China, dozens of dogs are safe now due to one rescue organization’s hard work — including the sweetest senior golden retriever. Every June in China, thousands of innocent dogs are sent to slaughter because people consume dog meat to mark the summer solstice. Before they are killed … Read more

386 Dogs Saved Just Before The Horrific 2022 Yulin Meat Festival

WARNING: Content May Be Disturbing for Some Readers Sadly, 2022 marks another year that the Yulin Dog Meat Festival continues. Every year, efforts are made to end dog meat consumption, but this event hasn’t been stopped completely. Yet, that won’t prevent animal advocates from fighting back. Not only is the “festival” cruel to the animals … Read more