Arizona Rescue Team Saves Drowning Kitten From 20-Foot Storm Drain

The Arizona Humane Society’s Emergency Animal Medical Technicians are an integral part of the shelter’s rescue program. Their job is to respond to reports from community members of injured stray animals or potential abuse cases. In 2021 alone, the EAMT team participated in the rescue of over 6,000 animals who had suffered injury, abuse, or … Read more

Ranger Saves Overheated Dog, Carrying Him Miles Down A Rocky Trail

The summer is really heating up! A group of hikers recently witnessed just how harmful the stifling temperatures can be for a dog. Thankfully, a strong and caring park ranger came to the rescue, carrying an overheated dog on his shoulders all the way down a mountain trail and saving his life. Image Lexie Daniel … Read more

Belgian Malinois Saves Human From Mountain Lion But Sustains Horrific Skull Fracture

There are plenty of ways to be cautious around wildlife, but sometimes, you do not get a chance to think or prepare. A woman and her dog love hiking together, but when a mountain lion attacked them, they had to act fast. First, the massive feline went for the woman, but her dog refused to … Read more

Loyal Labrador Saves The Life Of Missing Woman With Dementia

63-year-old Sherry Noppe suffers from early-onset dementia, and when someone with dementia wanders off, it can be scary. Sherry went missing after going for a walk at the 7,800-acre George Bush Park in Katy, Texas. None of her human family members were there to guide her when she wandered off the path, but her loyal … Read more

Protective Dog “Saves” Little Girl From Drowning After Wave Pulls Her Under

Some dogs are natural-born heroes, and a big, fluffy pooch named Matyas is definitely one of them! This very good boy was playing with his dad’s granddaughter by the seashore in Gouville-sur-Mer, France, when a wave crashed over her. The little girl was sitting in the shallows, happily splashing among the breakers, and did not … Read more

Three-legged dog with cancer saves baby otter in Minnesota river drama | Minnesota

A rescue of a drowning baby otter from a near-freezing river in Minnesota was remarkable not only for the successful outcome but for the identity of the rescuer – a tiny three-legged dog waging its own battle for survival with cancer. Wildlife officials said the otter would probably not have survived without the intervention of … Read more

Hero Dog Saves Feathered Friends From An Alligator Attack

Beauty, the black Labrador Retriever, is slowly recovering after saving her ducky siblings from an alligator attack. Since they were tiny ducklings, Beauty has looked after Crest, Downy, and Dot and treated them with love and care. She was even once thought to be “missing” when the ducks wandered off and got stuck in a … Read more

Boy Scout Saves Lost Couple And Injured Dog During 15-Mile Hike

12-year-old David King was three miles away from completing a 15-mile hike for a Boy Scouts merit badge when the unthinkable happened. He and his mom, Christine King, came across a couple with a 100-pound Pit Bull on the Hawaii hiking trail. The dog was laying on the ground, and the couple looked distraught. They … Read more