UC Davis’ Orphan Kitten Project Helps Own Students Learn While Saving Lives

Through multiple hands-on learning projects, the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine aims to prepare students for future careers as animal medicine practitioners. And one of their initiatives not only gives med students hands-on experience but also saves the lives of tiny kittens who might have otherwise perished in the wild. The Orphan Kitten Project … Read more

Brave Labrador Retriever Chases Off Coyote, Saving His Pup-Sister

While coyotes look like fluffy, harmless members of the canine family, they can often be dangerous predators that threaten the safety of smaller, more vulnerable family members. Such was the case when a brave Boston Terrier faced death last week when a wild coyote jumped a six-foot brick wall surrounding a California family home. Sadie, … Read more

Heroic Pit Bull Dies Saving Kids From Mountain Lion Attack

Lady, a 2-year-old Pit Bull/Chihuahua mix, loved her family more than anything. Whenever the family’s four kids would play outside, Lady wouldn’t be far behind. Until recently, playtime was relaxing and fun, but when a mountain lion approached the yard, Lady’s protective side kicked in. In a horrific showdown, Lady fought the massive mountain lion … Read more

Boy Was Saving Up To Buy Puppy, Grandma Asks Him To Close His Eyes & Stretch His Arms

6-year-old Xander Mellor from Springfield, Illinois, had been saving up for the past 18 months to buy a puppy. When Natalie Ellenburg came home from work, he would politely ask her for the change she had on her and deposit it in his savings jar. Image/Story Source Credit: Caters Clips via YouTube Video Xander had … Read more

Dog Who Lost Leg While Saving Lives In Afghanistan Passes Away

UPDATE 7/21/2021 – After 14 wonderful years on this planet, Lucca the German Shepherd passed away of old age. She received a full military burial at the Michigan War Dog Memorial. The brave pup deserves this honor after leading 400 patrols and losing her leg on the job. Marine Master Sergeant Chris Willingham carried the … Read more

Pit Bull Runs Toward Screaming Kid And Ended Up Saving Child From A Deadly Snake

Pit Bulls are frequently seen as aggressive dogs. However, this Pit Bull is a hero at heart, risking his life to save a little girl’s life. Images / Story Source Credit: Facebook / Love What Matters A woman posted a Facebook post about her brother’s Pit Bull that went viral. She wrote: “My brother was … Read more

Dogs From This Shelter Have A Habit Of Saving Their Humans’ Lives

Gateway Pet Guardians in East Saint Louis, Illinois, work hand-in-hand with their community to keep families together and prevent owned pets from entering an already crowded shelter system. Since their inception in 2004, they have drastically reduced the local stray population through spay / neuter programs, low-cost pet food, affordable veterinary care, and other initiatives … Read more

The Lassie complex: why are we so obsessed with dogs saving human lives? | Zoe Williams

When it comes to dogs, we like to project a saviour complex on to them. That is creatively well-documented of course – Lassie, anyone? But we also can not help ourselves when it comes to real-life tales of incredible dog bravery. Most recently, it was when a woman who was attacked by a cougar while … Read more