Scared, Abandoned Pittie Wouldn’t Leave The Cardboard Box He Was Found In

Usually, it’s an adorable photo op when our dogs climb into packaging. This story of an abandoned Pit Bull and the cardboard plum box he slept in has a bit of a sadder explanation. Officers for DeKalb County Animal Services found the scrawny dog ​​lying in an empty plum box outside the shelter one morning. … Read more

Scared Dog Abandoned By Russian Troops Joins Forces With Ukraine Soldiers

Max the Belgian Malinois was trained to assist Russian soldiers during the invasion of Ukraine. But now, he has switched sides and is helping protect Ukrainians instead. He had a long journey between his two roles, but he seems genuinely happy in his new position. Russian soldiers left the three-year-old working dog behind in Ukraine. … Read more

‘We had too much to do to be scared’: the couple who fled Irpin with 19 dogs | Ukraine

The image of a windswept young woman holding tight to the leads of nine dogs under an ominously dark sky spread far and wide at the time of the Battle of Kyiv. The apparent bravery of the woman, who was attempting an audacious evacuation across a broken bridge targeted by Russian fire, and the vulnerability … Read more

Abuse Survivor Too Scared To Even Walk Upright Gets A Second Chance

Dogs who survive hoarding or severe neglect cases often develop fear and trust issues, through no fault of their own. With kindness, support, and patience, these dogs can learn to trust again and show off their true, loving personalities. When 80 dogs were rescued from a neglect case in Florida, it took collaboration between several … Read more

Scared, Abandoned Pittie Hides From Rescuers Behind A Fast-Food Dumpster

Even the sweetest of dogs who are abandoned can become fearful and mistrustful. Rescuing these dogs takes patience and an understanding of what they’ve been through. In February of 2022, Hope For Paws, a southern California based rescue organization, received an email about a dog abandoned at a fast-food restaurant. The female gray and white … Read more