sponsored Vet Times Extra: Thomas Webb on pet obesity and behavioral science

Thomas Webb, a professor of psychology at the University of Sheffield, will explain how research insights into owner beliefs and behaviors can help support owners in the difficult journey of pet weight management. Prof Webb studies self-regulation, looking into how people control their thoughts, feelings and behavior in order to achieve their goals. Applying his … Read more

Forget Me Not by Sophie Pavelle review – a fan letter to Britain’s unsung species | Science and nature books

Sophie Pavelle has been busy. A science writer, presenter, maker of podcasts, ambassador for the Wildlife Trust and adviser to the RSPB, she’s also spent much of the last two years roving from Cornwall to Orkney in search of 10 species whose fortunes have been affected by human-induced climate change. More impressive still, she’s done … Read more

An Immense World by Ed Yong review – the astonishing ways in which animals experience our planet | Science and nature books

Scallops have eyes. Not just two eyes, like humans have, or eight, like most spiders do, but up to 200 of them, each clasped by a thin, wavy tentacle protruding from the inner edges of the corrugated shell. Considering how rudimentary a scallop’s brain is, these eyes are surprisingly sophisticated. Play a scallop a video … Read more

I’m a man of facts and science but I know this, what dogs feel is not just attachment – it’s love | Jules Howard

Sometimes I see it in the big moments; often it’s in the small. The fact that Oz (our black-and-white lurcher) would rather sleep under the kitchen table when I’m writing, even though the sofa is by far the comfier option. The way he rolls on to his back when I greet him each morning, exposing … Read more