Icy determination: on the trail of the Baikal seal – a photo essay | Environment

Russia’s Lake Baikal has garnered many superlatives: the world’s deepest lake, the largest freshwater lake and the world’s oldest. It is also one of the clearest bodies of water on the planet and home to many species of plants and animals endemic to the region. One such species is the Baikal seal, known locally as … Read more

‘Rats of the sea’: backlash after Cornish fishers call for seal cull | Marine life

Seals are the “rats of the sea” and should be culled, a group of Cornish fishers have said. Marine campaign groups hit back after fishers on an online marketplace and forum expressed anger about the amount of fish seals eat. Posting a statistic that “for every fish caught by our fisheries, seals eat 53 times … Read more