Moves as smooth as silk: scientists uncover Australian ant-slayer spider’s hunting secrets | Spiders

A mid-air cartwheel, the judicious use of sticky silk and a quick rappel down a tree, all in the blink of an eye: researchers have identified how the Australian ant-slayer spider captures prey twice its size. The acrobatic behavior of the Australian ant-slayer spider, Euryopis umbilicataas it hunts and eats banded sugar ants has been … Read more

Secrets of California’s skydiving salamanders revealed by researchers | Amphibians

A new study is shedding fresh light into the incredible world of California’s temperate forests, and the daring survival techniques of one of its inhabitants: parachuting salamanders. The study, published on Monday in the journal Current Biology, shows how salamanders living in the canopy, are able to parachute consistently, slowing their speed and controlling their … Read more

15 Dog Owners Share Secrets for Beating Spring Canine Allergies

15 Tips for Springtime Allergies in Dogs Ah .. springtime. A time for budding flowers, chirping song birds, and allergies. When your dog starts that itch scratch cycle, you’ll do anything to calm their irritation. Recently we asked our 4 million followers on Facebook to share their top tips for dealing with springtime dog allergies. … Read more