Family’s Security Camera Captures Deceased Dog’s Spirit Stopping By For A Visit

Even when you lose a dog, they never really leave you. We keep our beloved dogs in our hearts forever and bring them to life again through memory and everlasting love. This is a story about a sweet Golden Retriever named Kujo, a family dog ​​loved by many. Kujo crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May … Read more

Wild Leopard Attacks Tiny Puppy On Security Cam, Mom Comes To The Rescue

In an incredible video of a fearless rescue, a female momma dog defended her pups from a Leopard on the India estate. The leopard was after the mother’s helpless puppy. That same leopard did not realize that this mama dog was not going to let her pup go without a fight. Image / Story Source … Read more

Woman With Service Dog Bullied By Security At Dinosaur Attraction

Lisa Lima from Colorado trains service dogs and has a service dog of her own. So, she’s very familiar with the service dog laws in her country. Unfortunately, many people who own and work at businesses are not. Lima occasionally runs into disputes about her service dog when she goes out in public. During a … Read more