Dog Stepped Off Plane And Sees Her Humans Again After Being Lost For 2-Years

Gregory and Victoria Hudler, both veterans, had been looking for their beloved emotional support dog, Jodie, for the past two years. When Victoria delivered her first child, they entrusted Jodie to a family member without the Hudlers’ consent. Someone allegedly purchased their dog from a family member without permission. Image / Story Source Credit: Wings … Read more

Biker Sees ‘Chewed Up’ Crate In Rural Wilderness, His Heart Sunk As He Opened It

There is a lot of cruelty in this world and even though this story starts off in a sad manner, we PROMISE that you’ll be cheering by the end of watching the video! Please be sure to ‘SHARE’ it with a friend or family member because you will make their day and restore faith that … Read more

Dog Is Put Into Inmate’s Jail Cell, Inmate Sees The Dog And ‘Swiftly’ Grabs Him

A dog’s unwavering devotion and unselfish love might be one of humanity’s most purifying forces. This makes perfect sense when we consider the power of mixing dogs and prisoners. Since 1939, “Leader Dogs for the Blind” has utilized canines to assist in jail rehabilitation, according to this inspiring concept. And it certainly appears to be … Read more

“Drugged-Up” Puppy Rescued From Motel Drug Bust Sees His Officer Again

Officer Laurich was on duty for a drug bust at a California motel when he rescued a puppy from the most heart-wrenching case of abuse the police station had ever seen. The poor thing had drugs in his system and required immediate assistance. Later, they would be reunited, and Bubba has the greatest reaction when … Read more

Lost For 3-Yrs, He Howls With ‘Joy’ When He Sees His Dad Standing In Front Of Him

Jack, Mike’s dog, went missing three years ago, but he never lost hope of seeing him again. He spent every free moment looking for him and posting ads. Although he remained optimistic, the time without Jack was difficult to endure. Please be sure to WATCH this wonderful and heartwarming video all the way until the … Read more

Dugong sees red: Pig the sea cow predicts Labor will win Australian election (sort of) | Australian election 2022

Pig came out of the deep, a slow-moving mass in search of an answer to the question arresting the mind of the nation: who will emerge from the federal election victorious? The dugong’s performance was precise and assured. A red and blue toy representing each major party were dropped into Pig’s enclosure, and after mere … Read more

Pregnant Pit Bull Refused To Give Birth When Foster Mom Sees In Her Ultrasound

Chris and Mariesa are the ultimate dog lovers. They already had 12 dogs but welcomed 3 to 4 more. Here’s our story of how these love-sick doggy parents met their 12th dog ever, Jackson. Image Credit: YouTube / HooplaHa – Only Good News Chris and Mariesa’s visit to the shelter turned out to be just … Read more