Famous astronomers: How these scientists shaped astronomy

Throughout human history, astronomers have helped people understand what they see in the night sky. These famous astronomers – many of them great scientists who mastered many fields – explained space phenomena with varying degrees of accuracy. Over the centuries, a geocentric view of the universe – with the Earth at the center of everything … Read more

How the geology of Walnut Canyon shaped pre-Colombian dwellings – Geology is the Way

Today we’re venturing into one of Arizona’s most spectacular – but lesser-known – places: Walnut Canyon. Walnut canyon is a wonder of nature and one of the nicest examples of how ancient civilizations exploited the geology of their territory to their advantage. The canyon entrance is spectacular! You reach the canyon from the visitor center … Read more

Weird ‘hot Jupiter’ exoplanet is shaped like a football

A distant planet looks more like a football than a normal field, according to researchers in a groundbreaking new study. The strange shape of the ultrahot WASP-103b, which is more than 1,000 light years from Earth, is due to the planet being stretched by the gravitational forces of its parent star, according to the new … Read more