Two women killed in shark attacks in Egypt’s Red Sea Egypt

Two women have been killed in shark attacks in Egypt’s Red Sea, south of the city of Hurghada, the Egyptian environment ministry has said. Two sources told Reuters that the body of a Romanian tourist in her late forties was discovered hours after an attack that left a 68-year-old Austrian woman dead. Both attacks happened … Read more

Florida teen bitten by shark survives but faces losing her leg | Florida

A teenager is facing the loss of one of her legs after a shark bit her while swimming off the coast of Florida, according to authorities. Facebook posts shared by the Taylor county sheriff’s office and the girl’s father, Shane Bethea, recounted the nearly fatal attack Thursday. Bethea’s daughter, Addison, was swimming to collect scallops … Read more

Swimmer seriously injured by shark off central California coast | California

A swimmer was seriously injured in a shark attack on the central California coast on Wednesday, police said. The attack occurred at midmorning at Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove, the Pacific Grove police department said in a statement. The swimmer, a man, suffered “significant injuries from the shark bite”, and was taken to Natividad … Read more

Shark Bait review – human chum bucket jeopardy thriller sinks without trace | Movies

“Tyler, no! You took a bang to the head! ” “That might be a problem if there was something inside of there!” So goes an almighty self-own when one of five spring-breakers trapped on a jetski in shark-infested waters decides to swim for help in this depressingly unimaginative thriller. The party posse-cum-human chum bucket in … Read more

Lab Wins Dog Surfing Contest After Shark Sighting Complicates Things

After nine years of the East Coast Dog Surfing Championships, sharks had never been an issue. The competing canines had always been able to peacefully surf without having to worry about what lurked beneath the water. But for the 10th annual competition in Cocoa Beach, Florida, there were many complications when a shark sighting occurred. … Read more