An update on sheep scab control

“Sheep scab”, or psoroptic mange, is a highly pathogenic and contagious disease of sheep that has huge implications to sheep welfare and economics. A large collaborative research project funded by the VMD – and involving the Moredun Research Institute and the universities of Bristol, Glasgow and Nottingham – has been researching sheep scab control with … Read more

RVC research urges new campaign to promote sheep vaccination training

A new campaign is needed to improve vaccination administration and training in the UK sheep farming industry, RVC researchers have said. The call follows a survey of hundreds of farmers that found most could not identify the correct position for three types of jabs to be delivered. But while nearly 84% of respondents said they … Read more

Queen of Sheep | My Shetland

The Queen of Sheep, aka Flossie, is leaving tomorrow. There is one who will miss her very much. And possibly others too. Luckily for Lambie I am staying home, apart from dropping Floss off at the airport tomorrow afternoon. I might even go and look for puffins afterwards. We’ll see. Anyway, I know I will … Read more

Elanco virtual event to focus on routes ahead for the sheep sector

Elanco Animal Health is inviting sheep farmers, vets and registered animal medicine advisors (RAMAs) to join its summer Access to Knowledge (A2K) event on 5 July. The virtual event will begin at 12pm, and will provide an opportunity to learn more about the new Animal Health and Welfare Pathway, while also looking at practical ways … Read more

Anthony Albanese says live sheep exports won’t be phased out before 2025 | Live exports

Anthony Albanese has ruled out phasing out live sheep exports within his first term of government. The prime minister reaffirmed his commitment to ending the trade, but said he would consult sheep farmers and the Western Australian government before committing to a timeline. “No one’s envisaging a phase-out in this term of government,” Albanese told … Read more

Sheep scab control project rolls out

A £ 220,000 project involving vets, farmers and industry professionals has been officially launched in Northern Ireland to tackle sheep scab. The Northern Ireland Sheep Scab Group has joined up with the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI), Animal Health and Welfare NI (AHWNI), and Moredun Research Institute to launch the initiative. The project was launched … Read more

RVC leads flock with new sheep course

A course for sheep farmers, shepherds and smallholders to help them increase flock productivity and improve health has been launched by the RVC. The Flockmaster course is designed for commercial and small-scale sheep keepers with the aim of sharing and expanding their knowledge, and improving their practices. Participants will have the chance to improve their … Read more

Sheep shorn of 18kg fleece after three years on the lamb | New Zealand

A merino sheep named Shrekapo who grew an enormous fleece while evading capture in New Zealand is now 18.6kg lighter after its first shave. The animal was named Shrekapo after the famous sheep Shrek who was found carrying a 27kg fleece after six years on the run in 2015, and after Lake Tekapo, which is … Read more

Sheep audit tool aims to help vets with farmer engagement

A checklist-based audit tool has been launched to help vets engage more proactively with sheep farmers. MSD Animal Health hopes the tool will enable farm vets to forge closer links with sheep farmers by enabling them to develop action plans that help shepherds address key areas of flock health and productivity. The Flock Health Checklist … Read more