‘Heartbroken’ Dog Doesn’t Understand Why His Family Is Leaving Him At The Shelter

Moses the Pit Bull was ecstatic when he was finally adopted into a loving family in California last year. He was his family’s greatest “good boy,” and they were a fantastic team. However, owing to financial hardship, the family was compelled to relocate to an inexpensive location that did not allow pets. Image / Story … Read more

Facing Euthanasia, Local Shelter Offers Dog Dad Hope For His Injured Pup

Stephen Foster works as a part-time maintenance man at a gas station in Dade City, Florida. Since the recent death of his wife of 35 years, Stephen has come to rely on the love and companionship of his little dog, Ollie. The pooch even accompanies him to work, happily watching her dad from the end … Read more

Soccer Players Kick Off Game By Finding Homes For Shelter Dogs

Even though fans gathered for a soccer game in Romania, the sport was not the highlight of the event. Soccer players in Romania started their game in a special way that was unrelated to soccer. Instead of doing something sports-related to kick off the event, soccer players cuddled adoptable dogs from a local shelter. With … Read more

Thieves Break Into Animal Shelter, Leave With 3 Quarantined Dogs

Security footage at the Jurupa Valley Animal Shelter in California showed two thieves breaking in and leaving with three dogs in the middle of the night. Most cases of animal shelter theft involve owners stealing their pets back. Typically, the owners believe they’re doing what’s right, but it’s not always what’s best for the dogs. … Read more

Previous Owner’s Heartbreaking Letter Reveals Adopted Dog’s Secret Before He’s Returned To Shelter

We often thank those in our military for their service, but how often do we thank them for their sacrifice? This story has been passed around the internet for years – it’s a touching reminder of the hearts that are broken and sometimes never mended when our servicepeople have to leave their loved ones behind. … Read more

Rescue Pulls A “Stray” From A Kill Shelter Unaware He’d Been Missing For A Year

You’ve probably heard the story before of a dog escaping through an open gate and disappearing. This version of that story has a pretty positive and incredible ending, though. It’s about a dog named Sparky from Palm Beach Florida who was missing for an entire year. Sparky’s slip through the gate and subsequent disappearance happened … Read more

Depressed Dog Was Alone At Shelter For 2-Years And Recognized A Familiar Smell

When she was discovered on the streets, she was brought to Argentina’s El Arca Animal Partido de Mar Chiquita. Volunteers were instantly drawn to her. Silvia Ferreyra, a volunteer in particular, caught everyone’s attention. But despite her pleasant demeanor, she was continuously passed over by adopters due to her age.   Image / Story Source … Read more