Ambulance couple lead neuter effort at Srebrenica dog shelter

A pair of record-breaking, globetrotting vets are planning to lead a team to neuter hundreds of homeless dogs in a war-torn Bosnian town. Rachel Nixon said she and her husband Lawrence Dodi have had a “remarkable” response from both UK and locally based vets to their appeal for the Green Valley Dogs shelter in Srebrenica. … Read more

Rescue Says Goodbye, Remembers Shelter Dog Who Lived Happily Ever After

Mugzy’s story is a perfect example of how one little kindness can change a life for the better. He’s what we mean when we say that a dog lived “happily ever after.” In the summer of 2017 Kelly Duer was participating in a study on foster care sponsored by Maddie’s Fund. As part of her … Read more

Man Breaks Into Texas Shelter And Releases Dogs, Resulting In Disaster

Around 150 dogs were residing at Animal Services in Abilene, Texas, prior to August 26th, 2022. In the early hours of that Friday morning, a man broke into the shelter and unlocked several of the kennels, causing chaos. The man climbed the fence surrounding the shelter and came in through the roof. He then released … Read more

“Burrito Day” At This Shelter Means Much More To The Dogs Than Just A Tasty Snack

Animal shelters provide temporary refuge for dogs and cats in need. Unfortunately, some pets spend months or even years in these facilities before finding suitable homes. All this time spent in drab, noisy kennels can take its toll. That’s why the Michigan Animal Rescue League puts a heavy focus on enrichment. Facebook According to their … Read more

Mom Returns Rescue Dog To Shelter Without Telling Her Son, Spawning Internet Outrage

If you’ve ever been part of a family who had to make the difficult decision to rehome an animal, you know it’s an incredibly emotional endeavor. But being denied the opportunity to say goodbye can make an already painful predicament even more upsetting. So when an anonymous teenager posted online that he wasn’t allowed the … Read more

Devoted Nurse Vows To Care For Dying Patient’s Dog, Adopts Him From Shelter

Kimberly Still has been a nurse for four years, and she loves helping people and forming connections with her patients. Yet, she never expected one patient to change her life so drastically. When Still was caring for a terminally ill woman at Northside Hospital Gwinnett in Georgia, the patient worried about what would happen to … Read more

Shelter Employee Sparks Outrage For Refusing To Let “Obese” Woman Adopt Dog

When you work at an animal shelter, your goal is to find a permanent home for every animal that comes through. In order to ensure dogs who get adopted never have to return to the shelter, it’s up to the staff to determine whether the dog and their adopter are the right fit. However, in … Read more