27 Unique & Funny German Shepherd Name Ideas [with pics!]

Looking for a Unique Name for Your German Shepherd Puppy or Newly Adopted GSD? Here’s 27 Ideas! We asked our I Love My German Shepherd Facebook community to share their unique GSD name ideas (along with pictures!). We received hundreds of responses, some of which we’ve compiled and shared below. A special thanks to the … Read more

Is Your German Shepherd a Picky Eater? Try This Simple Hack.

German Shepherds are so incredibly varied in their personalities. While some scarf down any food scrap in sight, others have a more picky (or shall we say, “refined”) palate, and quickly tire of their everyday dog ​​food. What can be done when your German shepherd decides to stop eating their food, or is no longer … Read more

Stolen German Shepherd Returns Home After 4 Years And 600 Miles

In January 2018, a German Shepherd puppy was stolen outside her home in Baytown, Texas. She loved everyone she met, so she didn’t resist when strangers welcomed her into their vehicle. The stolen pup’s family searched for weeks with no sightings and slowly gave up hope. But the weeks turned into months, and then years. … Read more

10 Best Supplements for a Senior Australian Shepherd

We all want as many years with our Australian shepherds as possible. As your Australian Shepherd ages, you may be looking for additional ways to support their health. The following list of supplements are among the top recommended products for senior dachshunds. As always, be sure to consult your own veterinarian before making any changes … Read more

Do German Shepherd Dogs have weak immune systems?

The immune system plays a crucial role in fighting off unwanted visitors into the body, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. While all dogs can be afflicted by immune conditions, some research suggests German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) to be even more prone. Does this mean that they have weaker immune systems than other breeds? And if so, how can it affect their health?

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Woman And Australian Shepherd Perform Emotional Dance Routine

A Hungarian woman known as Christine Elisabeth Berczes recently entered America’s Got Talent with her Australian Shepherd named Meredith. Lots of incredible dogs have auditioned in the past to showcase their unique tricks, but Meredith’s skills are the most unbelievable. Bercz and Meredith performed a dance themed after Beauty and the Beast, and Meredith really … Read more

Australian Shepherd Pup Can’t Help Falling In Love With Orphaned Kittens

Nathan, a dog dad from Canada, originally created the Tik Tok account “Tales of Arlo” (@TalesOfArlo) to share videos of his Australian Shepherd puppy Arlo. While Arlo’s still the main focus, the account also features some of the kittens Nathan fosters. Several litters of foster kittens have come through this household at various times, but … Read more

Animal Lover Drives From Georgia To Ohio To Adopt This Special German Shepherd

Delgado is a 6-year-old German Shepherd who desperately needed a second chance at life. He was found wandering the streets in an Ohio town, and his rugged appearance proves just how much he endured up until this point. Delgado was spotted roaming the streets by a Good Samaritan in early March. He was sweet and … Read more