Why? Just Why? | My Shetland

Fivla finished her bucket. I was busy consoling her that she was not with her best friend, Vitamin, who I had moved along with Newt to the field over the road, when I turned around to find this….. Storm rolling with his head in a bucket! Just why? Why does he do this? What is … Read more

War or Games | My Shetland

Maggie is very much her own sheep. She likes what she likes and much is tolerated by her, but the existence of Pepper is one thing too many. I tell both Pepper and Maggie that they will just have to rub along together. Maggie does not think this is a solution she can agree to. … Read more

Space is Limited | My Shetland

Space is limited on my sick-bed/sofa/coffin. Note Pepper’s paws. Well, those two seem very comfortable. With? Less so (thank you for asking). Pepper has also now got half shares in my hot-water bottle. I feel no one cares much about me in this house. OH now has Covid. It was inevitable but luckily he has … Read more

Covid | My Shetland

I have been feeling a bit grotty since the day before yesterday. I thought I had a cold but no, I have tested positive for Covid. It never occurred to me it could be Covid. But life goes on and so does feeding the horses…. And then the ponies….. … plus some nose kisses – … Read more

Przewalski’s horses | My Shetland

Today in the morning sunshine I noticed that my two resident Icelandic horses had changed….. ….. into Przewalski’s horses! “Stockily built, smaller, and shorter than its domesticated relatives.” “They have a dun coat with pangaré features and often have dark primitive markings.” – Wikipedia Ok, neither Haakon nor Iacs don’t particularly have the pangaré markings … Read more

Took Them Back | My Shetland

The wind has eased. It is still cold but Fivla and Vitamin are not really settled with me so this morning I loaded them into the horse-van and drove them back to their herd. Instantly there was a change in them all. Eyes were brighter, everyone has a purpose and they just become the little … Read more

Hungry Hippos | My Shetland

I am not popular. The ladies are still complaining so, as the wind is dropping now, I will drive them back to their herd tomorrow. Just don’t say I didn’t try. Anywho, this morning, armed with six large carrots I went to check on the Minions. I took my big camera as I wanted to … Read more

Ladies Home | My Shetland

The wind is getting up now and a northerly gale is forecast over the next few days so OH and I went over to the Minions’ field to bring home Fivla and Vitamin. At least at home they have free access to a nice south facing shed and far more shelter. The boys were not … Read more