Family Finally Receives $ 150,000 Settlement After Service Dogs Were Shot By Police

Animal lovers across the nation were outraged when the surveillance video of two dogs being shot by a police officer in Minneapolis made its way across the internet back in 2017. But now, the city has finally approved a settlement to the family who filed a lawsuit. Officer Michael Mays was responding to a burglary … Read more

Authorities Offering $ 25,000 After Dog Deliberately Shot With Arrow

When it comes to luck, no pup has more than a little Chihuahua named Tiffany Grace. It’s an absolute miracle that this sweet girl not only survived an intentional injury that barely missed her vital arteries, but now she’s living her best life with her new mama, who adores her. Facebook When a woman was … Read more

Veteran Acts Fast After His Support Dog Is Mysteriously Shot With An Arrow

Having a dog by your side is often one of the most comforting things during difficult times. Billy Morris, a disabled veteran from Alabama, knows that better than anyone. In addition to military trauma, he’s also going through a divorce. Yet, his support dog named Cotton is always there for him. Cotton is a lovable … Read more

Man Who Shot Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Is Accidentally Released From Jail

In early 2021, Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot as attackers tried to steal her three French Bulldogs. The thieves took two of the singer’s dogs and left the dog walker bleeding out. It is suspected that the dognappers did not know the Frenchies belonging to a celebrity. It was a roller coaster of emotions, … Read more