Pamela Anderson Starts Dog Walking Side Gig For Her “Dose Of Dogs”

Actress Pamela Anderson is not just known for her beauty. She’s also an animal advocate! The Baywatch star currently has four rescue dogs at her home in Vancouver Island, Canada. However, Anderson is currently in New York City playing the role of Roxie Hart Chicago. Sadly, she was unable to bring her pups to the … Read more

Protective Pup Stays By The Side Of Lost Boy Until Authorities Arrive

It was during a warm Saturday afternoon in Texas that five-year-old Jose and his mother, Jasmine, laid down for a midday nap. What’s better than an afternoon nap on a hot day? But when she woke-up a short time later, Jasmine was almost instantly aware that something was not right. Not long after she woke-up, … Read more

Country diary: The flying teddy bears with a dark side | Bees

How do you describe a dark-edged bee-fly (Bombylius major)? I asked a colleague whether I could get away with “flying mole”. She suggested “flying teddy bear” instead. And then there is the unmistakable similarity to a hummingbird. Go into a garden, or anywhere flowery, during a sunny interlude, and you can decide for yourself. Here … Read more

Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Deceased Hiker’s Side For Two Weeks

29-year-old Oscar Alejandro Hernandez often explored challenging hiking trails, and sometimes his dog King accompanied him. After a tiresome hike, he always returned home to his family feeling fulfilled. But after one adventure, he did not come back. Hernandez and King were missing for about two weeks. Their family was devastated, but then some horrific … Read more