Can you #FindThatLizard? One scientist is tapping the tools of social media to transform her field breed

For five years now, obscure amphibians and reptiles have been scurrying on to the internet as part of a wildly popular social media science challenge, #FindThatLizard. The Twitter and Instagram campaign, created by Earyn McGee, a 27-year-old Los Angeles-based herpetologist, does more than just share McGee’s obsession with lizards and their kin; it seeks to … Read more becomes first social media platform to announce zero tolerance for bad manners – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse has introduced a new policy of zero tolerance for bad manners in its forums. It’s believed that and, which run on a platform that predates Facebook, may be the first online communities to require good manners. Under the new policy, anyone who posts anything in the forums which is sarcastic, belittling, snide, … Read more

Spicy Kitten Finds Kingdom He Deserves After Social Media Rant Goes Viral

Kittens usually opt for cuteness in their adoption profile photos, but one spicy kitten just didn’t give a flip about being sweet and cuddly in his approach to finding a forever home. In fact, Spicy Chicken Nugget wanted it to be known from the get-go; he wasn’t playing nice to find his human minions. And, … Read more

Strange bee-haviour: social life of Australian species offers insights on evolution, scientists say | Bees

The unusual social life of a native species of Australian bee has shed light on how cooperative behaviors in bees evolved, new research suggests. Flinders University scientists have analyzed the behavior of Amphylaeus morosus, a forest-dwelling bee that lives in small nests of rarely more than two females. The researchers believe the bee only made … Read more

What’s with all the new dog breeds? We ask an expert | Social trends

The animal charity Blue Cross is campaigning to stop pugs and French bulldogs being featured in advertisements. It hopes to slow demand for thea flat-faced pooches where “overbreeding” is causing breathing and walking difficulties. Yet new breeds of dogs are introduced each year. How are there so many? And what does this mean for dogs? … Read more

Illegal donkey-skin trade thriving on social networks, report reveals | Global development

The illegal sale of donkey skins is thriving in online marketplaces, with traders openly flouting local laws, and social media multinationals such as Facebook doing little to prevent the illegal trade, according to a new investigation. Traders on Facebook are offering large quantities of donkey skins on the site, the report said, including one trader … Read more

‘Put Yourself in Comfortable Positions Where You Can Stretch Yourself’ How Dr. Lauren Smith Transformed Her Own Social Anxiety Into A Platform To Help Others

We all know how difficult the medical and scientific aspect of veterinary medicine is, but what we often forget is the social, communication, and leadership skills that are also needed to be a successful veterinarian. One woman who knows this better than most, is the founder of The Vetitude, Dr. Lauren Smith. From battling her … Read more