NSW shark nets caught 325 non-target animals last season, report shows | New South Wales

The vast majority of animals caught in New South Wales shark nets last season were not target species and just over a fifth were threatened species, new government figures show. Of the 376 marine animals caught in the eight months to April, 325 were non-target species. They included 14 critically endangered gray nurse sharks, 19 … Read more

Far from home: farmer in South Australia finds baby seal in wheat crop 3km from ocean | South Australia

A South Australian farmer has released a baby seal back into the ocean after finding it in a wheat crop on a farm near Cowell on the Eyre Peninsula. Farmer Ty Kayden was called by his neighbor on Thursday morning, who said he had found a seal on his driveway, 3km inland from the sea. … Read more

‘Itchy, yucky, unpleasant’: wet weather brings leech invasion to NSW suburbs | New South Wales

Relentless rainfall has sparked a leech invasion in New South Wales, with no reprieve in sight for already damp dwellings. The blood-sucking creatures have been attracted into suburban areas, where higher than normal rainfall and humidity are providing suitable conditions to feed. Linda Campbell has been batting off leeches in her Winmalee home in the … Read more

NSW government criticized for ‘dismissive’ response to inquiry into kangaroo population | New South Wales

Just two of the 23 recommendations handed to the New South Wales government after an inquiry into kangaroo population levels and culling practices have been accepted in full. Inquiry chair and Greens MP Cate Faehrmann said the response was “dismissive of the serious issues raised” during the three-day inquiry called to understand the wellbeing of … Read more

Koala IVF could help save species from extinction | New South Wales

Freezing koala sperm could become a key part of a strategy to save koalas from extinction by 2050. University of Newcastle scientists Lachlan Howell and Ryan Witt say koala “biobanking” could be harnessed with IVF technology to help endangered species reproduce. An estimated 64,000 koalas were killed when 5.5m hectares were ravaged by the 2019-20 … Read more