Space Station Crew Busy With Plants, Bioprinting and Orbital Plumbing

Not NASA January 28, 2022 A Soyuz MS-19 crew vessel and a Prichal docking module attached to a Nauka versatile laboratory module are featured during orbital sunset. Credit: NASA Yesterday, the Expedition 66 crew split its research schedule between space botany and life science aboard the International Space Station. NASA Flight Engineer Thomas Marshburn began … Read more

Inside All About Space issue 126: Complete guide to exoplanets

Inside All About Space Magazine issue 126, on sale now, read our ultimate guide to Planets and see how our knowledge of worlds beyond the solar system has exploded over the last three decades. For this cover, All About Space spoke to Nikku Madhusudham, professor of astrophysics and planetary science at the University of Cambridge’s … Read more

NASA’s Lucy asteroid spacecraft still has a wonky solar array as it flies through space

Three months after launch, NASA’s new asteroid spacecraft is still settling into its life beyond Earth. NASA’s Lucy’s mission launched Oct. 16 with a mission to explore the Trojan asteroids, which rotate the sun in front of and behind Jupiter. No spacecraft has ever visited the Trojan wood asteroids, which scientists believe to be “fossils” … Read more

Spacecraft anomaly stalls Astroscale space debris cleanup test

An innovative space junk cleaning test has been delayed for the time being. Astroscale has suspended its ELSA-d demonstration mission in Earth’s orbit after detecting “irregular spacecraft conditions,” a Japanese startup announced on Twitter Wednesday (January 26). ELSA-d (“End of Life Services via Astroscale Demonstration”) was launched into Earth’s orbit in March 2021 to test … Read more

Space Station Agriculture Teaching How to Sustain Space Crews

By NASA January 27, 2022 The waning gibbous Moon is pictured above the Earth’s horizon from the International Space Station. Credit: NASA Space agriculture dominated the research schedule aboard the International Space Station yesterday to learn how to sustain long-term crews far beyond low-Earth orbit. The Expedition 66 crew also have time to set astronauts … Read more

Animals in space | Space

The United States launched aboard captured German rockets in 1947. The first mammal to reach space was a rhesus monkey named Albert II, who flew two years later. Both these missions were suborbital, as were all animal flights for a decade. The first animal to orbit Earth was Laika, a dog launched by the Soviet … Read more

Best space movies | Space

The best space movies are beautiful manifestations of human curiosity, because humans have always been around, they have always looked up to the stars and wondered what mysteries they contained. The heavenly bodies – planets, stars, sun, and moon – have inspired countless tales and legends throughout human history. Our first cinematic trip to the … Read more

Chinese space plane company targets suborbital tourism, point-to-point travel by 2025

The Chinese company Space Transportation is developing a “rocket with wings” for space tourism and point-to-point travel. “We are developing a winged rocket for high-speed, point-to-point transportation, which costs less than rockets carrying satellite and faster than traditional aircraft,” the company said in a recent statement. interview with Yicheng Times. The a space plane It … Read more