Iberian lynx that helped save species from extinction dies aged 20 | Spain

A grumpy, strong-willed Iberian lynx called Aura that helped snatch her species from the jaws of extinction, and whose genes live on in more than 900 of the spotted and tufty-eared felines, has died in southern Spain at the record age of 20 . When Aura was born in Andalucía’s Doñana national park in 2002, … Read more

Lynx, wild horses and vultures return to eastern Spain in the latest rewilding project Rewilding

Black vultures, lynx and wild horses are among the animals being reintroduced to eastern Spain with the launch of a rewilding project spanning 850,000 hectares (2.1m acres) in the Iberian highlands east of Madrid. Rewilding Europe’s 20-year landscape recovery scheme, which covers an area more than five times the size of Greater London, aims to … Read more

Spanish police guide bear back from city center to mountains | Spain

Spanish police have come to the aid of a brown bear whose apparent quest for acorns led him to pad the pre-dawn streets of a busy city in the north-western region of Castilla y León. The animal was spotted in the center of Ponferrada in the early hours of Tuesday by a taxi-driver, who filmed … Read more

Spanish police seize smuggled baby eels worth €270,000 | Spain

Spanish police have arrested 29 people after seizing 180kg of critically endangered young European eels with a value on the hidden market of €270,000 (£237,000). The Guardia Civil said the operation, in collaboration with Europol, had also led to 20 arrests elsewhere in Europe. The elvers, or glass eels – prized as a delicacy in … Read more

Spanish region urges ‘respect for bulls’ following injuries at fiestas | Spain

Authorities in the eastern Spanish region of Valencia are calling on festival goers not to “lose respect for bulls” after seven people were killed by the animals during this year’s bous al carrer bull-running fiestas. The ongoing summer festivities – which translate as “bulls on the street”, and which are held in towns and villages … Read more

Quiet corridas: Spain wonders what to do with unused bullrings | Spain

Then October 1940, Francisco Franco invited Heinrich Himmler to a bullfight at Las Ventas bullring in Madrid. It was reported that Himmler, an animal lover and architect of the Nazis’ “final solution”, was so appalled at the cruelty of the spectacle that he almost fainted. Bullfighting then was in its heyday but now, as it … Read more

‘They’re being cooked’: baby swifts die leaving nests as heatwave hits Spain | Spain

Hundreds of baby swifts in southern Spain have died after leaving their nests prematurely, in what ecologists described as an attempt to escape the extreme temperatures brought by one of the country earliest heatwaves on record. Concerns were raised for the protected species late last week after residents in Seville and Córdoba noticed dozens of … Read more

Life at 30: the EU project that has saved species from lynx to flying squirrels | Spain

“It has been a miracle, ”whispers biologist Gabriel Llorens Folgado as he studies a tumble of granite boulders for any signs of movement. The miracle is that Spain’s lynx population has been saved. Today, in the wildflower-coated hills of the Sierra de Andújar in southern Spain, Folgado is looking for Magarza and her four cubs. … Read more

Police in Spain seize € 29m haul of stuffed endangered animals | Spain

Police in Spain have seized one of the largest hauls of taxidermy animals in Europe as they investigate potential smuggling, after a warehouse in Valencia was found to contain stuffed rhinos, polar bears, elephants and other animals. The Guardia Civil discovered more than 1,000 specimens in a 50,000 sq meter (538,000 sq ft) industrial warehouse … Read more