Family Gives Senior Staffy A Special Send-Off Before She Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

It was incredibly hard for Emmie to hear that her beloved best friend, Molly, who she has had since she was a puppy, had developed cancer. But because she has treasured every moment of her time with Molly, it was easy for her to decide to plan a memorable last day, filled with all of … Read more

These Five Special Pups Need A Miracle

As the holidays approach, we ask you to remember our furriest friends when you open your heart this season. Every week, iHeartDogs offers support to Waggle for five special pets. Waggle is a non-profit organization that allows families and rescues to crowdfund for their pets through trusted caregivers like veterinarians, surgeons, and specialists. They verify … Read more

Special Needs Pup ‘Forrest Stump’ Gets A Prosthetic Paw Thanks To Brainy High Schoolers

Some high school seniors in Wisconsin are teaming up to change the life of a three-month-old puppy named Forest Stump. When Forrest was found living in an abandoned area in Texas, he was missing one of his back paws. So now, he said biomedical and engineering classes Fr. Case High School in Wisconsin are putting … Read more

Free special edition of the EVJ explores the link between human behavior and equine welfare – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

The Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ) has published a special virtual edition with a free collection of 20 articles exploring the relationship between horse-owner behavior and equine health and welfare. Until now, research in equine veterinary science has focused primarily on the information needed to prevent and cure disease, with little attention paid to the attitudes … Read more

Cat Found Lifeless Brought Back From The Brink Of Death With Special Oxygen Mask

For most of us pet parents, the idea of ​​our beloved fur babies being in an emergency is one of our biggest fears. Who knows how they will react or whether or not they will get hurt? But luckily for one orange tabby who was found lifeless in a hallway, the rescue team had exactly … Read more

Why should I feed a dog with cystitis a special diet?

Cystitis is a common canine condition, particularly in female dogs. Cystitis means inflammation of the bladder. This can be caused by lots of different factors including bacterial infections, urinary stones and underlying health conditions. Some dogs will suffer a single bout of cystitis that clears readily on the right medication. But other dogs will be prone to recurrent bouts which may need further investigation or longer term treatment. One such treatment is a special “urinary” diet.

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Why should I feed a dog with liver problems a special diet?

The liver is an extremely important organ in all mammals and it has many vital functions (over 500!) including digestion and removal of toxins from the bloodstream. ‘Liver disease’ refers to several conditions that can affect and damage the liver and there can be multiple causes. If your dog has liver disease, your vet may advise you to transition your dog onto an exclusive liver (hepatic) specific diet. But, why is this? This article will discuss and explore the benefits of feeding a special diet to dogs with liver disease.

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Sweet Cocker Spaniel Is Life-Changing For A Child With Special Needs

It’s easy to understand why dogs are so often referred to as “man’s best friend.” They provide unconditional love, close companionship and can even be trained for a job. But for some people, dogs have an even greater impact. This can certainly be said about Leon Kirby-Bulner, a little boy with special needs whose life … Read more