Birdwatch: this spring, I mourn the missing house martins | Birds

As it shears through the spring skies, sweeping up tiny insects, the house martin’s contrasting dark-blue and white plumage reminds me of a miniature version of a killer whale. But not this year. Although I’ve caught up with virtually every other spring arrival – even the late-returning swallows and swifts – I’ve only seen a … Read more

Country diary: For spring butterflies, survival is the name of the game | Butterflies

Mid-morning, on the warmest day of the year so far. The only clouds are of wispy, plumed seeds, released from dandelion clocks and ripe goat willow catkins, ethereal “witches’ gowns” rising on thermals into a clear blue sky. This south-facing slope, formerly the site of Brancepeth colliery, landscaped then ungrazed for half a century, is … Read more

15 Dog Owners Share Secrets for Beating Spring Canine Allergies

15 Tips for Springtime Allergies in Dogs Ah .. springtime. A time for budding flowers, chirping song birds, and allergies. When your dog starts that itch scratch cycle, you’ll do anything to calm their irritation. Recently we asked our 4 million followers on Facebook to share their top tips for dealing with springtime dog allergies. … Read more