Stand out from the crowd – getting recruitment right

The days of leafing through piles of CVs for a single vacancy appear dim and distant, and many bemoan spending thousands to advertise to what feels like an empty pool once swimming with applicants. Clearly, excellent jobs, teams and opportunities are out there; however, the way in which we hunt them down has changed. This … Read more

Facing up to impostor syndrome: will the real me please stand up?

While impostor syndrome resonates with lots of people across many professions, it can be more prevalent among high-achieving, self-pressurising individuals. These traits are commonplace among veterinary practitioners – and many experience that feeling of being an impostor. You can hear it in the words and phrases that we choose – for example, “I was just … Read more

9-Year-Old Runs Annual Lemonade Stand To Fund His Local Animal Shelter

After spending an entire spring day creating and selling sweet lemonade, you may expect a third-grader to want to buy themself a toy or splurge on a special dessert. Not every nine-year-old would want to donate their hard-earned efforts to a local animal shelter. But that’s the exact reason that Ben Miller was inspired to … Read more