Got struck off for stealing drugs and reporting to work unfit to practice

A vet who stole prescription-only drugs from his practice and reported to work unfit has been struck off the register of practicing veterinary surgeons. The RCVS disciplinary committee has directed that Doncaster-based veterinary surgeon Stephen Prichard be removed from the register after he was found to have taken and used controlled drugs, reported for work … Read more

RVN suspended for stealing food and medication from her practice – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Suffolk-based Stephanie Hazelwood has been suspended by the RCVS VN Disciplinary Committee for three months after she admitted stealing a prescription-only veterinary medication and pet food from the veterinary practice where she worked. Ms Hazelwood faced three charges: that she had, on three separate occasions, taken bags of pet food from the practice without paying … Read more

Dog Brothers “Shamed” For Stealing Mail Carrier’s Lunch Send Adorable Apology

Two mischievous Lab / Mastiff brothers from Virginia have been publicly “shamed” on social media after climbing aboard a US Postal Service truck and devouring the unsuspecting driver’s lunch. Their story has since gone viral, garnering attention from dog pawrents across the world. Screenshot via CBS News It all started with a handwritten note left … Read more

Cute Dog ‘Shamelessly’ Tries To Smile His Way Out After He’s Caught Stealing Food

Miller is a charming rescue dog that Leah Delerme could not live without. Miller is his mother’s favorite, and he knows it. This is why he is such a spoiled, mischievous boy who feels he can never get into any trouble with his mother! Image / Story Source Credit: YouTube Video In this amusing clip … Read more