Thousands of racing pigeons go missing in French storm | Belgium

Belgian pigeon fanciers are in uproar after thousands of their birds went missing when they were released into stormy weather in a competition that went wrong. The birds were let out in Narbonne in southern France at the start of a race back to their lofts in northern Europe, but they soon hit a summer … Read more

Arizona Rescue Team Saves Drowning Kitten From 20-Foot Storm Drain

The Arizona Humane Society’s Emergency Animal Medical Technicians are an integral part of the shelter’s rescue program. Their job is to respond to reports from community members of injured stray animals or potential abuse cases. In 2021 alone, the EAMT team participated in the rescue of over 6,000 animals who had suffered injury, abuse, or … Read more

Do not talk to Storm

No one is talking to Storm. He was awful this morning. I am very cross – no, disappointed, that’s worse – with him. While Vitamin was eating her daily bucket, he nipped in and shovelled as much as he could. I was putting barrier cream on Tiddles’ nose and Storm took advantage of my absence. … Read more

Neighbor Leaps 8 Feet Into Storm Drain To Save Dog 911 Refused To Help

It seems highly unlikely to lose sight of an 87-pound dog during a walk. But when Lana Norman from Las Vegas was walking her German Shepherd named Riley at night, the dog suddenly vanished. Riley fell into a storm drain that was missing the grate, landing several feet below the surface. Norman tried contacting professionals … Read more

BVA bites back as vegan dog diet storm heats up

The BVA has spoken out against accusations that it continues to ignore the evidence and is taking an “irresponsible” position on vegan diets for dogs. Publication of the largest study into the health impacts of feeding dogs on vegan rather than meat-based foods sparked widespread controversy when results appeared to suggest that vegan dogs were … Read more