Man Rescued Dying Stray Husky And ‘Transformed Her’ Into The ‘Most Gorgeous Dog’

On his way home from work, Rico Soegiarto encountered a Siberian Husky half-buried in the road in Denpasar, Bali. She was severely malnourished, had numerous scars all over her body, and was completely bald. This poor dog was a Siberian Husky, but she appeared so awful that you could not tell. Rico made up his … Read more

Stray With Paralysis ‘Slithered’ To Food When Woman Saw Him Suffering Alone

Homeless animals have enough to contend with. Finding adequate shelter, food, and clean water is challenging enough. Doing so is dangerous for healthy strays but imagine what it would be like for a dog that is paralyzed! It would be impossible. Yet a dog, later named Kuya Bon, fought to stay alive despite his disability. … Read more

Dog Groomer Opened Shop In ‘Middle Of Night’ To Give Stray Dog Haircut & Found Beauty Beneath Matted Fur

A couple was driving down a highway in Florida’s Oviedo region when they came upon something that stopped them in their tracks. They noticed a dog walking along the side of the road and nearly colliding with traffic, and they did not know where he was going. They abruptly pulled over to see if everything … Read more

Stray Fought So Hard That She Fainted Against The Steps Of A Convenience Store

When an animal has to fend for itself, everything becomes more challenging, especially staying safe and healthy. Homeless animals contend with hunger, exposure to the elements, disease, and even fights with other strays. One dog was found all on her own lying near the entrance to a 7-11. She found a spot where she felt … Read more

Family Insists On Giving Terminally Ill Stray A Final Day Of Love Before He Passes

When a precious senior beagle was brought into the Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter in Mississippi, staff members immediately fell in love with his sweet face and gentle personality. The old pup, who was brought in by a Good Samaritan, was found wandering the streets of Mississippi all alone. Shortly following his arrival at the shelter, … Read more

Stray Dog ‘Mysteriously Appeared’ At School Every Morning, So The Teacher Got Involved

Teachers go to work in the morning wishing to encounter pupils, buses, and the excitement of a new day. They never anticipate seeing a dog waiting outside their school’s main entrance. That’s exactly what happened at an elementary school in Houston, Texas. The canine was really sitting outside the institution’s primary entryway. Image / Story … Read more

Stray Puppy With Natural Human-Like Eyebrows Finds A Forever Home

Some people spend a lot of time making sure they have perfectly shaped eyebrows. However, for Betty the rescue dog, her beautiful eyebrows aren’t high-maintenance at all. At first glance, they might appear fake, but she was actually born that way. Sadly, she was rejected by her first parents due to her unusual appearance, but … Read more