Study finds vets not complying with Epilepsy Task Force recommendations – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

new study, published in the Journal of Small Animal Practice (JSAP)has revealed that veterinary surgeons only prescribe anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) after a seizure cluster in 44% of cases, despite International Veterinary Epilepsy Task Force recommendations to the contrary1. The study “Approach to initial management of canine generalized epileptic seizures in primary-care veterinary practices in the … Read more

Study shows clinical audits across different veterinary centers ‘achievable’

A referral practice is claiming to have carried out a world first clinical audit on the outcomes of minimally invasive surgical procedures for the treatment of patent ductus arteriosus. The study was set up by Paragon Veterinary Referrals’ head of cardiology Chris Linney and colleagues to review treatment of the treatable, curable condition, which may … Read more

Study Finds People With High Emotional Reactivity Are Typically Drawn To Cats

If you own a cat, you know felines can calm stress and bring tranquility to the people who love them. One recent study concentrates on this power, revealing people with high emotional drives tend to be drawn to cats, and these strong feelings would better benefit from their inclusion in animal therapy programs. In the … Read more

Cool leaf! Study records chimp showing off object in human-like way | Animal behavior

Chimpanzees show each other objects just for the sake of it, researchers have found, revealing that it is not only humans who like to draw attention to items that have captured their interest. No one who has spent time with a child knows, even very young humans like to point out objects to others. However … Read more

New all-Ireland study aims to understand reasons for bTB recurrence

A new partnership that aims to expand knowledge of the immunology of bTB in herds experiencing repeat infections across Ireland has been launched. Officials said it is the first time universities and government institutions have sought to address the issue on an all-island basis, and believe it could influence policy on both sides of the … Read more

One in 300 animal welfare complaints at UK farms lead to prosecution – study | Animal welfare

Just one in 300 complaints about animal welfare at UK farms led to a prosecution over the last four years, with half of the accused holdings not even inspected, analysis has shown. A report by Animal Equality and the Animal Law Foundation also said that fewer than three in 100 of the UK’s estimated 291,000 … Read more

Most US pet food contaminated with ‘forever chemicals’, study finds | PFAS

Much of America’s pet food packaging could be contaminated with PFAS “forever chemicals”, creating a potentially dangerous exposure to the toxic compounds for cats and dogs. In a recent study public health advocate the Environmental Working Group (EWG) checked 11 bags of pet food and found that all of them contained the substance, including several … Read more

Baleen whales ingest an estimated 10m pieces of microplastics each day, study says Whales

Microplastics have infiltrated almost all our environments – from human lungs to the Antarctic. Now, scientists have estimated that whales are consuming millions of microplastics per day, in a study that deepens our understanding of plastic pollution in oceans and animal bodies. Scientists from a group of institutions around California used 191 suction-cup tags to … Read more

Rhino horns have become shorter in the past century, study finds Evolution

Rhinoceros horns have become shorter over the last century, researchers have found, adding the development could be a result of hunters and poachers targeting larger prizes. Rhino horns were much sought after among hunters over the centuries, while modern poachers sell them for use in traditional medicines in China and Vietnam. “In the case of … Read more

Eurasian jays shun reward for keyboard delayed treat, study finds | Birds

The old saying states a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush but it appears Eurasian jays may beg to differ: researchers have found the corvids shun an immediate reward for a keyboard, but delayed, treat. What’s more, the team found the birds that showed the most self-control scored higher on a … Read more