Sweet Tuxedo Kitten Adopts Two Brothers, Then Entire Welding Shop

When Pippit the kitten found herself abandoned and alone in a lakeside parking lot, the little tuxedo felt that it just wouldn’t do. So, she scanned the lot and spied two brothers returning from their usual lunchtime jog around the lake. Deciding they would be her new minions, Pippit turned on her best cute routine … Read more

Country diary: The Highland coos chew sloppily on sweet summer grass | Farming

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Sweet Cocker Spaniel Is Life-Changing For A Child With Special Needs

It’s easy to understand why dogs are so often referred to as “man’s best friend.” They provide unconditional love, close companionship and can even be trained for a job. But for some people, dogs have an even greater impact. This can certainly be said about Leon Kirby-Bulner, a little boy with special needs whose life … Read more

Sweet Senior Chihuahua Sent Cozy Sweaters After Losing All Her Fur

After a sweet senior Chihuahua was heartlessly cast aside after a disagreement between family members, rescuers at California’s Baldwin Park Animal Shelter found her to be in pretty rough shape. She had even lost most of her hair. But through the magic and connection of social media, this “naked pup” not only found a new … Read more

Sweet home Alabama: errant Gateshead pigeon takes diversion to US | Animals

Homing pigeons have been known for centuries for their ability to find their way home after traveling hundreds of miles. But one little bird, named Bob, might need to work on his internal compass. The four-year-old pigeon, from Gateshead, turned up about 4,000 miles away in the US after getting lost on a fairly routine … Read more

This Sweet Three-Legged Dog Can Barely Contain Herself When Her Soldier Returns From Combat

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First-Graders Create Sweet & Silly Kennel Cards To Help Shelter Dogs Get Adopted

Right now, animal shelters all across our beautiful country are experiencing a crisis. There are continuously more strays and surrenders in need of care than they have room to comfortably accommodate. There are simply more dogs than adopters. So when some first graders found out that the current lack of space was affecting their local … Read more