Room at the top: woman races to help swifts blocked from Sheffield roofs | Birds

When Chet Cunago heard that scaffolding was blocking swifts from entering their ancestral nests in the eaves of homes in Sheffield, she raced into action. After frantic calls to the council, charities and fellow nature lovers, she got the scaffold boards removed and assembled a volunteer group to search for overlooked swift nests in all … Read more

‘They’re being cooked’: baby swifts die leaving nests as heatwave hits Spain | Spain

Hundreds of baby swifts in southern Spain have died after leaving their nests prematurely, in what ecologists described as an attempt to escape the extreme temperatures brought by one of the country earliest heatwaves on record. Concerns were raised for the protected species late last week after residents in Seville and Córdoba noticed dozens of … Read more

The Guardian view on swallows and swifts: nature’s messengers | Editorial

Swifts are back in UK skies, putting an end to the annual hiatus when nature seems to hold its breath, awaiting successive waves of migrant birds whose twittering is the soundscape of summer. But these are worrying times. The swift has joined that traditional herald of summer, the cuckoo, on the RSPB’s latest red list … Read more