Sweet home Alabama: errant Gateshead pigeon takes diversion to US | Animals

Homing pigeons have been known for centuries for their ability to find their way home after traveling hundreds of miles. But one little bird, named Bob, might need to work on his internal compass. The four-year-old pigeon, from Gateshead, turned up about 4,000 miles away in the US after getting lost on a fairly routine … Read more

Man Takes Dog Out Of Stroller And Bends Down To Him Thinking That No One Is Watching Him

A Houston resident snapped a photo of a man and his dog at Discovery Green, and people wanted to know more. The truth behind the man, dog, and stroller was spellbinding to hundreds of thousands of individuals. Doug Delony posted to Facebook saying: “Most afternoons I take a run through Discovery Green, and most afternoons … Read more

London Man Takes Supermarket To Court For Denying His Service Cat

A London man, Ian Fenn, is taking Sainsbury’s supermarket giant to court over what he believes to be a breach of the Equality Act of 2010. This law states that shop owners must provide “reasonable adjustments, so people with disabilities are not severely disadvantaged. ” And severely disadvantaged is exactly how Fenn’s interaction with a … Read more

Geese, skuas, cranes and even foxes: avian flu takes growing toll on wildlife | Global development

ors he walked along the shoreline of a Highland loch on a fine May evening, ecologist and wildlife photographer Peter Stronach could hardly believe what he was seeing. The beach was littered with dead and dying birds: male eider ducks, several species of gulls, a gannet, a puffin and no fewer than 26 pink-footed geese, … Read more

She takes an age to walk now, but I love my old dog, smells and all | Chitra Ramaswamy

Our dog, Daphne, is now 11 and sports a magisterial gray muzzle. She can usually be seen trundling around the local park like a rickety cocktail trolley, but like most dog owners, I still think she could take best in show. Nevertheless, there remain those who cross the road or, worse, pick up their own … Read more

sponsored Frictionless technology that takes care of your veterinary staff and clients alike

In March 2022, the article around Great Expectations: client care, which is part of the Big 6 2022 series, explores the dynamics shaping the veterinary industry today. It looks at key themes on how we should go forth and improve client-care. As part of Alan Robinson’s contribution to the article (director of Vet Dynamics), he … Read more

Girl Takes Her Dying Dog On One Last Car Ride, Dog’s Face Makes Family Tear Up

When the Kramer family first adopted a tiny Pit Bull puppy named Libra, she was just a tiny puppy. The adorable dog quickly formed an immeasurable love for the family’s daughter, April, who was just 8 years old at the time. Over time, Libra grew to be close friends with her adorable kitten sibling, Maxwell. … Read more

Man Picks Up Tiny Puppy Who Was ‘Whining’ In Pain On The Road And Takes Him Home

Many people adore their pets. However, some families make an unethical choice by dumping them on the street or giving them to shelters, which is a tragedy. While walking down a dark empty street at night, a North African villager heard heartbreaking cries coming from along the roadside. Following the howls, he discovered a tiny … Read more

“Super-Smart” Cat Takes Matters Into His Own Paws & Opens Door For Feline Family

One home in the Caltanissetta countryside of Sicily, Italy, is a paradise for cats. And this house is so cat-friendly it features a fenced-in yard with plenty of room to run and a kitchen just for the cats that heated and filled with cushions, so everybody has a comfy spot to snooze after a delicious … Read more

Problems for UK vets as the Pet Passport replacement AHC takes up to 1.5 hours to complete

Home » All Posts » News and Comment » Problems for UK vets as the Pet Passport replacement AHC takes up to 1.5 hours to complete

Planning a holiday, or a much-anticipated journey, should be an exciting time. Many pet owners understandably wish to take their pets with them as they travel. Until recently, dogs, cats and ferrets could travel freely between Britain and the EU with a valid pet passport. But this all changed when Britain exited the EU. Now, the paperwork involved in pet travel causes stress and anxiety for both pet owners and vets alike.

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